Spring Fatigue: How to Stay Energetic In Spring



The true start of spring, or known as the vernal equinox, isn’t for a few more weeks, but this year meteorologists in many parts of the world say the spring is already here. If you are feeling tired, too sensitive and unwilling to do anything you probably suffer from spring fatigue.

Spring fever, spring tiredness or spring fatigue is more temporal phenomenon rather than an illness, but it is an actual diagnosis with real symptoms. People from all around the globe are suffering from it during springtime, so if you are experiencing the symptoms, don’t think it’s just for a few days and it will go away by itself. Sometimes the condition really goes away quickly, but in some people it is very severe and causes a variety of aches and indispositions. Spring fatigue is initiated by the change of seasons and its most probable cause is the hormone misbalance – serotonin, the hormone of happiness, levels during the winter drop because its production in the body depends on the sunlight. As a result, another hormone, melatonin or the sleep hormone, affects the body more effectively and makes you feel tired, sleepy and in bad mood. Temperatures during the spring and the food we consume also play a role in the process.

So, what should you do if suffer from spring fatigue? First, here are the most common symptoms – weariness, headaches, irritability, dizziness, aching joints and muscles, and often a complete lack of drive. In order to adjust your body to the new season arrival, the first thing you should do is consume more protein-rich food, as well as more fresh fruits and vegetables. They will provide you with the needed vitamins and proteins that you need while the hormones are not in perfect balance.

Children however are experiencing the spring fatigue in a very different way. Usually, when the spring comes they will abandon their coats and hats and will rush through the door to play in the yard. At the same time, they are also very likely to have a genuine fever which we usually consider a cold and treat like a cold. In fact, kids are very energetic and their bodies seem unable of keep up with the energy levels, that’s why they can easily get ill.

In fact, in parts of the world where there are only two seasons the spring fatigue doesn’t even exist and people have never heard of it. But in countries with four distinct seasons it’s very common, and is considered by some doctors a strong cultural belief, rather than a proven fact. Despite the different opinions on this, all scientists agree that we need to provide more vitamins and minerals to our bodies during the change of seasons. And after the dark and gloomy winter the body also needs a lot of sunshine, so spend more time in outdoor activities like sports, managing the garden or having longer walks.


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