Say Goodbye to 2012 and Cheer 2013 at Your Work Place


No matter if you work from home or in an office, there are a number of things that you should do by the end of the year and before 2013 arrives.

This would actually depend on the sector in which you are working and the nature of your job. However, every professional can use the last days of the year to finish some old tasks and to prepare for the new 2013 year.

This is something very important since often we do not find the time to do it over the year and some things may never get to be finished. Those of you who want to move forward in their careers should look back and remember everything they have done and everywhere they have been. Only then they will know which way to head.

There are at least 10 tasks that you should complete before the end of this year.

It is vital to bring things to and end at your work before 2013 to come. It will be better if you start fresh the New Year. In that way you will be able to focus more easily on your professional tasks and take on projects that will be important in your future career.

Try to see the New Year as a new beginning! That will serve as a chance for you to evaluate your career and its development again. It will also give you an opportunity to plan possible projects you might like to start even if they are not really big or ambitious.

By finishing up all the tasks, sending all the email and making all the phone calls that were left hanging before the end of the year, you will return on your workplace with a fresh focus on the new 2013 year.

Here is a little guidance on how you can finish up 2012 in your office and prepare to greet 2013:

  1. Finish all the reports that are required after the month or the year ends. Try not to leave them for the next year. Finalise your bills. That can be hard if the latest charges are still not posted to the credit card. However, do your best to wrap up most of your expense reports in 2012.
  2. Make updates on your professional profiles. See whether your resume, LinkedIn profile and professional resources are updated. That is very important if you are planning to find a new job in next year.
  3. Make a list of your achievements. Think about the past year and write down your successes. Add as many achievements and you can think of and proved lots of details about them. Mention what you have achieved, why, who pushed you to do it and how that helped the company. Later you can use this list to ask for a promotion, raise, when writing your resume or the review of your performance. Make sure you start and finish this task in 2012 since you may find it hard to remember these things in detail in 2013.
  4. Write down your goals. On the other side of the paper, create a list with what you want to do in 2013. You can include things not only concerning your job, but also your professional education. If you make a plan of our aims and desires, you will be one step ahead of your coworkers.
  5. Try to answer various questions about the type of projects in which you would like to participate, or whether you want to go to a class or become a member of a professional association. Write the answers to these questions and place them somewhere you can see them on a regular basis like in your office or on your home refrigerator.
  6. Expand your network of contacts. Send cards for the holidays to people you have lost contact to. That is the only time of the year when this is acceptable. Those of you have not send a holidays card to the people they know, can use the New Year to fix that.
  7. Show gratitude. Make others know how they have assisted you in your career in the past one year. Tell them that you thankful for their efforts.
  8. Put things in order. Clean up your email, voicemail and your office desk. If you do that, you will start 2013 with a neat workplace. That can decrease your stress levels.
  9. Leave an out-of-office reply on both your email and voice mail. Even though this is a logical thing to do before the holidays, you would be surprised to find how many people actually forget to do it. Although you will have some time off, others may not have that chance or desire. Don’t put your relationships at stake.
  10. Leave work for a while. Even if your holiday is free, relax and rest as much as you can by spending some time with the people you love. Try to stay away from your work email or phone. You have worked all year long for this break, so enjoy it! In that way you will come back in the office recharged and prepared for the New Year!


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