This summer explore the European microstate Liechtenstein


Liechtenstein is widely known as one of the smallest countries in the world. The size of Liechtenstein is smaller than most Caribbean islands or archipelagoes of Micronesia. However, this tiny principality between Switzerland and Austria has three different geographical areas with distinct nature and topography.

Tourists will find here the fertile Rhine valley in the west, the edge of the Tyrolean Alps in the south-east, and northern lowlands. More than one fifth of the country is covered with forests, and the remaining area is very carefully used as pastures for cattle, or for growing vegetables, grapes, wheat, etc. As soon as you arrive in the country you feel like you are visiting the medieval Europe.

The capital and most populated areas are located in the Rhine Valley near the border with Switzerland. The architecture of the country is very picturesque and largely differs by area. Most buildings have peaked red-tile roofs with wide overhanging eaves, balconies and verandas with forged metal bars and beautiful flowers.

The mountains of Liechtenstein are perfect for skiing and walking, climbing and other vigorous sports. Liechtenstein is a recognized center of winter recreation, especially skiing, as well as the recognized center of paragliding.

Vaduz, Liechtenstein’s capital contains most interesting sights and landmarks of the country. A beautiful view of the Konstanz Lake with its grayish-blue waters draws the tourists, and the prince’s castle of the 9th century, which is one of the main attractions of this amazing tiny country, makes their hearts beat faster. The Gothic chapel of the 15th century, the National Museum with a fine collection of coins, weapons, and exhibits of folklore, and a unique Museum of Stamps make recreation in Liechtenstein more meaningful. Downtown streets are amazing due to numerous objects of historical importance within this small area. The State Art Collection has good exhibitions of historical and artistic items. For ski fans, there is a special Ski Museum, open only in the afternoon.

Triesenberg quarter offers a superb view over the Rhine Valley and is famous for its beautiful domed church and a museum of ethnic communes. Village Malbyun is the main ski resort in the country, situated between the mountain ranges in the south-eastern part of the country. In addition to two world-class ski schools, Malbyun has good slopes for beginners and more advanced skiers.

Feldkirch is ‘the gateway to Liechtenstein’ on the Austrian side of the border. The city has almost intact medieval buildings, a wonderful panorama from the Shattenburg castle walls, a small but very interesting historical museum. One of the main attractions of the city is a tiny zoo, where the animals are kept roaming free, with almost no walls and bars. Feldkirch is also famous throughout Europe for its music festival at the end of June, and in winter the surrounding slopes and ski centers will bring you as much pleasure as the most prestigious resorts in Europe.

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When in Liechtenstein, many tourists often visit neighboring Appenzell, though it is technically located in Switzerland. The city itself is very beautiful and has a lot of traditional old buildings, scenic surroundings and splendid countryside. The streets are decorated with national flags and flowers, and the locals are often seen wearing traditional dresses.

Liechtenstein is also acknowledged as an important center of spa resorts which should be taken into consideration when planning a vacation here.

Despite the medieval look and feel, Liechtenstein tour operators, thought few in numbers, are very modern and efficient. Travel agents for Liechtenstein can suggest how to include the neighbouring countries in a small but outstanding vacation package.


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