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Top 10 honeymoon locations

Your honeymoon should be your holiday of a lifetime – the difficult part is actually choosing your honeymoon destination . Find your perfect paradise with our 10 favourite places to honeymoon.

Honeymoon destination 1: Hawaii

Get your lei (flower necklace) and your Hawaiian grass skirt on and embrace the amazing Hawaiian culture. The beautiful island will have you relaxed in no time and have you winging those hips like a natural (make sure you attend at least one classic Polynesian luau to pick up the moves). The island also has lots of sightseeing opportunities including the famous active volcano and make sure you dedicate some time to the luscious Waikiki beach.

Honeymoon destination 2: Venice

Visit Venice, the city of water, and enjoy all the magnificent architecture and beautiful scenery. Take a gondola ride to the top spots – lots of beautifully designed bridges and even the famous lover Casanova’s house (appropriate for a honeymoon really!) With plenty of historic landmarks and galleries galore this is a great place to take in culture in the tasty Italian way.

Honeymoon destination 3: Paris

The city of love could quite possibly be the most romantic place there is – so what better time to pay a visit than on your honeymoon? It has an abundance of landmarks to see, along with some great museums and galleries. Top that with a great mix of the best wines and food and it’s pretty idyllic. Make sure you pop over to the Moulin Rouge to take in some more classic Paris.

Honeymoon destination 4: Florida

Feel like the prince and princess everyday of your honeymoon at Florida’s Disney theme parks. Stroll around the fairy-tale setting wearing matching ‘newlyweds’ badges provided by the park (cheesiness is their speciality). And if Disney’s not really for you, then you’ve always got the amazing beaches, malls and water parks all over the state to check out instead.

Honeymoon destination 5: Thailand

Thailand not only offers some truly amazing beaches for you to kick back and relax on, but also a whole heap of other activities to keep you entertained. You can take a tour of old Thai temple ruins, or perhaps get involved in a trek of the elephant variety. And whilst you’re there why not check out (or check into) a floating hotel – that’s right, a hotel that floats (on the River Kwai) – probably not best if you’re not a fan of water…

Honeymoon destination 6: Seychelles

If you’ve got the money then the Seychelles would be a beautiful place to spend your honeymoon – and it has a whopping 115 islands to explore. With great weather, luscious beaches and luxurious accommodation you’re all set for a great start to the holiday. It’s also the perfect place to try out some diving and explore the wonderful reefs, or perhaps try out a spot of fly fishing.

Honeymoon destination 7: Dubai

Jet off to Dubai for a truly deluxe honeymoon with lots of great activities to try out and some super shopping potential. With generally pretty nice temperatures (very hot in the summer months) it’s a great place to relax and catch some sun, with some top waterparks to help you cool down nicely. Make sure you pop over (or even book a room) at the famous Atlantis hotel – definitely worth a visit.

Honeymoon destination 8: Australia

Your honeymoon is a great opportunity to jet off down under and experience the wonderfully relaxed country that is Australia. The only difficult bit will be deciding which part to visit (if possible, try and see a few places). Get to Sydney and climb Sydney harbour bridge; get snorkelling in the great barrier reef off the coast of Queensland; then venture into the Outback to experience the beauty of Ayers rock and aboriginal culture.

Honeymoon destination 9: Caribbean

A classic honeymoon destination that’s often chosen for its paradise-like qualities. With many great islands to choose from we found it too hard to select just one, as each offers beautiful beaches, top water sports, sightseeing and luscious food and drink (they tick all our boxes)! Perhaps the best way to experience a whole heap of these would be to book onto a nice and very long cruise.

Honeymoon destination 10: Kenya

Ever been on a real safari? If you’ve not made it past your local safari park or zoo then this is a great time to get further afield and see some of the most amazing animals in their natural habitat (and get a true Lion King experience); plus with the added bonus of sun, sea (and a bit of sand!) Then, if you’re up for a challenge – you could always climb Mount Kenya!

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