DED forms two committees for grievances on licensing & permits and commercial compliance & inspection



  • Initiative is part of the Department’s commitment to promoting transparency

The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai has formed two committees to redress grievances relating to licensing and permits procedures; and commercial compliance and inspection. Based on Law No: (13) of 2011 regulating economic activity and Article No: (34) relating to redressing grievances on the decisions taken by the Department, the two committees are part of DED’s keenness to uphold transparency.
The committee for grievances relating to licensing and permits, headed by Mr Ali Ibrahim, Deputy Director General for Planning and Development Affairs, shall decide on all appeals submitted against the decisions taken by the DED divisions concerned on licensing and permits procedures of enterprises, subject to the provisions of the law regulating economic activities.
“This initiative is part of DED’s responsibility to plan and organise overall economic activity in Dubai, and promote economic development to achieve the objectives of the Dubai Strategic plan. DED regularly reviews business registration and licensing activities, and commercial compliance and protection to ensure that they enhance economic development,” said Mr Ali Ibrahim.
“Through the committee, DED seeks to bring in best practices and provide all concerned with the opportunity to request a review of decisions and processes,” added Mr Ali.

The committee for grievances relating to commercial compliance and inspection, headed by Mr Khalid Al Kassim, Deputy Director General for Executive Affairs, shall decide on all appeals submitted against the decisions taken by the DED divisions concerned, subject to the provisions of the law regulating economic activities.
“DED provides various services and facilities that include business registration and licensing in Dubai, and commercial compliance and consumer protection. Therefore, it is important for the Department to unify the efforts of its various divisions in order to effectively implement its strategy to strengthen the investment environment of Dubai, promote competitiveness and enhance Dubai’s standing as a regional business hub,” said Al Kassim.
Each committee shall decide on the complaints submitted within 30 days from receiving the complaint and the committee’s decision shall be final. A written complaint must be submitted to the committee with a letter stating the premises upon which the appeal is based as well as a statement that includes the appellant’s requests. The rapporteur of the committee must inform both parties of the decision within five days from the date of its issuance.
The heads of the committees must submit a report periodically to the Director-General of the Department of Economic Development, which should include the number, types of complaints and actions taken thereon, in addition to general recommendations on measures that guarantee the application of justice and equity in respect of the complaints received.

Those who would like to appeal against decisions on licensing and permits or compliance and inspections procedures must contact the Customers Unit and Complaints in DED.


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