ADU’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center launches course on ‘Starting a Business’



ADU Enterprise, Abu Dhabi University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center has started receiving registrations for its fourth course of the entrepreneurship training program “Starting a business”. The program which runs from the 8th of October to the 12th of November is offered under the CISCO Entrepreneur Institute, and aims to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills they need to transform their creative ideas into successful small or medium enterprises that will contribute to the growth and development of Abu Dhabi’s knowledge-based economy.

Dr. Nabil Ibrahim Chancellor of Abu Dhabi University explained that the “course of “Starting a business” aims to provide entrepreneurial education to aspiring entrepreneurs, and this goal is part of ADU Enterprise’s strategy which seeks to enable young entrepreneurs with the various skills they need to set up and successfully operate their own businesses. “

He added: “The interactive program also trains entrepreneurs on how to overcome any challenges and obstacles they might encounter while starting a new business”.

“The course highlights all the important components of starting and maintaining the success of a new business, including: developing a business plan, understanding the legal requirements, deciding on a business organization structure, selecting a location, acquiring startup capital, as well as having a thorough understanding of daily managing, accounting, recruiting, purchasing and marketing activities”, asserted Dr. Nabil.

Manager of ADU’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Rima Shaban said: “We have developed this course to be useful for anyone planning to start a new business; it contains all you need to know about business planning, idea assessment, taking the first step toward starting your business. The course includes new case studies, and the center is inviting some guest speakers to enrich the course with their knowledge and experience about starting businesses in Abu Dhabi.

She pointed out that graduates from the previous courses of “Starting a business” benefitted a lot from the experience of facilitators and guest speakers, the course also includes one-to-one coaching hours to help attendees develop their business plans.


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