Are computers making humans irrelevant?


Are the machines created by human kind soon going to make people irrelevant as species?

Every time a new computer is invented to help us do some of our work, we are making ourselves less relevant.

Artificial intelligence becomes more like a real person, like a friend you would want to be with and go to meet. Somebody that can talk to your face, somebody that can understand things and knows the kind of jokes you like; somebody that knows what sort of things to say depending on how slowly you are talking then; somebody like a real friend.

One could argue that computers can replace human senses. How does a computer ever create art, for example, if it can’t sense things that a human understands, like the laugh of children? Well, not only the androids, but many of the latest computers have gotten hearing and seeing. They are touch-sensitive and have got feeling, up to the point they can sense motion, just like our inner ear.

People have created a new species, without a doubt. However, in the same time, the very same creators are becoming less relevant.

Equally as we have to be exited about it, we have to be bothered that his creation, named a “personal computer” is going to make us more and more irrelevant. Until then, we all can enjoy androids helping us to speak and write poetry, create art, educate children and even replace our personal friends.


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