Dubai Customs Boost the Business Position of the Country


His Excellency Ahmed Butti Ahmed, the Executive Chairman of Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation & Director General of Dubai Customs, emphasized that the operational capacities and potential resources owned by Dubai Customs have effectively contributed in boosting the position of UAE as according to the 2010 Global Enabling Trade Report published by the World Economic Forum Index that UAE ranked first in the region and 16th globally.

The Report which has taken Dubai as a benchmark for measuring the entire performance of UAE, in the Global Enabling business indicators, stated that UAE is first top ranked in the Middle East and North Africa region, ahead of the United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Japan and many other countries, showing that UAE, last year, has achieved a progressive pace in the Global Enabling Trade indicators as a result of enjoying clear points of strength based on key indicators i.e. market access, border administration, business environment of commercial sectors and all that based on the best global practices.

The UAE jumped two places in the Enabling Trade Index achieving excellent results ranking in the top ten out of the 125 nations globally in a number of sub-pillars included in the 2010 report in which UAE was ranked first top in the region and 12th among 125 countries worldwide, these are reflected in efficiency of customs administration and border administration. It is also performed exceptionally well and featured in the list (9th place) export & import procedures and business environment, making use of points of strength owned by Dubai Customs in the field of clearing goods across borders and this proved a tangible improvement.

His Excellency, Ahmed Butt, reiterated that the developmental projects carried out by Dubai Customs are exactly meeting the recommendation requirements of the Global Enabling Trade Report published by the World Economic Forum in which priorities of enhanced E.Services and expedite customs clearance operations should be much considered. These factors have practically been achieved with launching the customs clearance system (Mirsal2) and enhancing it with synergistic services, namely, the advanced Risk Engine, (B2G) for companies of customs large business transactions, besides, providing electronic services via multi-media uses including portable telephones.

the DG highlights that the achievement of these goals always come as a result of the effective economic policies laid down by the wise leadership, explaining that the developmental projects which are now being executed by the Customs Sector, will effectively contribute in achieving more development within the few coming years. The report is significantly needed as a basic reference to measure policies and different deliveries which in turn may impact the movement of goods across borders, especially, taking into account that this global report is prepared in collaboration with a number of international organizations, agencies, international companies which are considered principal milestone for the commercial sector, investors, e.g. WTO, UNCTAD and IATA.

the report reflects the positive environment and unique in its kind to Dubai as the emirate is a focus trading hub attracting direct investments, having great competitive strong capabilities regionally and internationally represented in the free movement of capitals, simple business activities, continued growth of total local productivity, multilateral factors of motivating investments, elastic regulatory environment and security of IPR protection. He said.

Dubai Customs which enjoys the great dividend of non-petroleum trade exchange worldwide always endeavors to enhance its capacities of delivering wide range of services via internet within the few coming years, and this actually had been achieved by 95%, besides, additional facilitations for accelerating simple customs clearance operations have been provided to record a single transaction per one mint for the transaction free from risks, and all these factors will entirely effectively contribute in the enhancement of UAE reputation in the Global Enabling Trade Report. He added.

The DG also estimates the cooperation efforts with other ministries, governmental departments are coming within the governmental partnership which has directly contributed in the improvement service quality including all the services delivered by different governmental agencies across the country and these services are coming to be the top best ones regionally and globally.

The first twenty countries in the Trade Enabling Index

1. Singapore.
2. Hong Kong.
3. Denmark.
4. Sweden.
5. Switzerland.
6. New Zealand.
7. Norway.
8. Canada.
9. Luxemburg.
10. Netherlands.
11. Iceland.
12. Finland.
13. Germany.
14. Austria.
15. Australia.
16. The United Arab Emirates.
17. UK
18. Chile.
19. USA
20. France.

Top ten countries in the Arab World in Trade Enabling Index

1. The United Arab Emirates (16).
2. Bahrain (22).
3. Oman (29).
4. Qatar (34).
5. Tunisia (38).
6. Jordan (39).
7. Saudi Arabia (40).
8. Kuwait (65).
9. Morocco (75)
10. Egypt (76).

Top twenty countries in efficiency of customs procedures index

1. Singapore.
2. Sweden.
3. Austria.
4. Denmark.
5. Netherlands.
6. Ireland.
7. New Zealand.
8. The United Kingdom.
9. Estonia.
10. Switzerland.
11. USA
12. The United Arab Emirates.
13. Hong Kong.
14. Slovenia.
15. Bahrain.
16. Hungary.
17. Japan.
18. Australia.
19. Canada.
20. Germany.

Top ten countries in transport infrastructure quality:

1. France.
2. Luxemburg.
3. Denmark.
4. The United Arab Emirates.
5. Germany.
6. The United Kingdom.
7. Singapore.
8. Hong Kong.
9. Switzerland.
10. Spain.


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