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Queen Victoria reigned for many years and the styles that were popular during her rule are still very much in evidence today, even in Dubai. The Victorians were considered to be quite serious, very proper and concerned with appearance and the right way of doing things. Yet, they were also thought of as great romantics, caring and loving and this is often seen in the fur­nishings and accessories of this era.

The furniture tended to be large and were built as it was made to last, unlike the Georgian Era beforehand where the furniture was slightly more delicate and feminine in design. Dark woods were popular such as mahogany and oak and were often carved with elaborate designs such as flowers, birds and emblems favored during the Victorian era. The Victorian chairs were often very heavy, almost immovable, but instead of being very square, oval backs became popular, especially for dining chairs. Tables, washstands and dressers had thick marble tops, again usually in dark colors or with very obvious.

The Victorian fabrics used were velvets, damasks and taffeta in very rich jewel colors such as ruby red, emerald green and sapphire blue with accompanying gold, copper and bronze. The curtains were very full, gathered and swagged, trimmed with tassels, fringes and beads, as were the cushions and tablecloths. Upholstery was opulent also, with matching stools for your feet, all in similar fabrics to the curtaining, but sometimes with large patterns and tapestry used and of course piping and trimmings. Elaborately embossed or flock wallpapers plus fabrics hung on the walls, stained glass windows and lampshades, decorative ceramic tiles, especially floor tiles  and the hallways and entrances of any Victorian properties all adds up to the Victorian look.

The best way to achieve Victorian Look at your home is to use all of the above information and ideas, but give them a modern twist. Small domestic decorations and accessories, as shown on the photos could add up to the right feeling. Afternoon teas were very important for the Victorians, but also favored by housewives nowadays. Long breakfasts and coffee mornings with friends can become very elegant and enjoyable if small elegant pieces contribute to the to the atmosphere.

Color as always is so important and it sets the scene and gives you the correct feel. Try using wallpaper in a big bold design with strong colors, there are some fabulous patterns around, or wallpaper just one wall and paint the others in a deep corresponding color. Have heavy drapes with swags and tails, with maybe a sheer or blind underneath, tasseled and beaded tiebacks and trimmings, with cushions to match. Have lots of furniture and interesting areas to look at in your room, as the Victorians were definitely not into minimalism and were actually great collectors of interesting items and art-facts. Use lots of table lamps with low voltage bulbs to create the correct ambiance and make sure the lampshades are again in stained glass or heavily decorated. The Victorians were also fond of houseplants and loved the hothouses, greenhouses and conservatories with unusual plants brought back from travels abroad when doing their ‘Grand Tour’.

Fine porcelain coffee sets, vases, plates and treys, cake stands and statues, such as the featured in the pictures (provided by Barcarol Boutique,, truly can complete the Victorian Look of a home.

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