Kids Olympic Games begins July 25 as stage set for battle of toddlers


Toddlers, children, and their parents are all set to star in a week of fun contests as the Kids Olympic Games begins on Sunday, July 25 at Mirdif City Centre – a member of MAF Properties that is a key sponsor of Dubai Summer Surprises 2010. Featuring toddlers as young as eight months and children up to twelve years, the competition is a signature event of Dubai Summer Surprises.

Into its eight consecutive year, Kids Olympic Games is the only such event for children to participate in exciting games and win spectacular prizes. Spread across two locations of Mirdif City Centre, the event features three arenas in the Central Galleria and four additional zones at Playnation.

Contests at zone 1 and zone 2 feature Baby Crawling, Basketball Race, Tricycle Race, One-Legged Race, Baby Walker, Baby Marathon, Toy Retrieving Race, Balloon Race, Bulls Eye, Spoon Race, Stacking Race, Birdie Feather Race, Frog Race, Flipper Race, Sack Race, and Bounce Ball Race. On-site registrations are still open for contests such as Baby Crawling, Baby Walker, Baby Marathon, and Toy Retrieving Race.

Additionally, zone 3 at the Central Galleria will host a table tennis contest. Open to children between the ages of eight and twelve, participants have to compete against themselves to achieve the maximum number of wall bounces in a minute.

Zone 4 at the Cite’ des Enfant, Playnation, will host a cube puzzle contest for children between three and seven years. Zone 5 at the Yalla! Bowling sees a bowling competition for children between seven and twelve years while zone 6 at the Soccer Circus Dubai will host a contest at the Training Academy. Zone 7 will host a contest for dance enthusiasts at Magic Planet for children between seven and twelve years. All these contests will take place daily throughout the week.



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