UAE Ministry of Economy instructs car dealers in Abu Dhabi to adhere to consumer protection law



Safety defects to be reported within 24 hours

The Consumer Protection Department of the UAE Ministry of Economy, today, instructed care dealers in Abu Dhabi and Western Region that any safety defects noticed in cars must be reported within 24 hours. Other routine complaints must be brought to the attention of the Department within 14 days.

This is as per the Federal Consumer Protection law 24, 2006, said Dr Hashim Al Nuaimi, Director of Consumer Protection Department, while meeting representatives of car dealers at the Ministry headquarter in Abu Dhabi.

Dr Al Nuaimi said there are three cases for car recalls – safety defects, manufacturing defects and normal recall that can be resolved through routine maintenance. He asked the representatives to provide warranties for spare parts for up to six months according to the consumer protection law.

He also instructed them to extend more attention to the consumers who report manufacturing defects in their cars and provide them with alternative cars till the defect is resolved.

Dr Al Nuaimi said that as per the Federal Consumer Protection law 24, 2006, consumers have the right to exchange their cars in case of manufacturing defects. They can also ask for refunds, and if the defect can be resolved by the maintenance team, the cars can be send to the car dealer’s service centre.

The participants agreed to form a committee to represent the 14 car dealers in Abu Dhabi and Western Region to strengthen the coordination process with the Ministry of Economy.

Dr Al Nuaimi emphasized the fact that any consumer can report about any defect at any time. They can also call the Ministry directly to register a complaint if there is no satisfactory response from the dealers.


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