Kenza Art Gallery and Artchowk to host Exhibition ‘Where Spirits Land’



Event to explore connection between spirituality and reality with works from artists Sumaira Isaacs, Shakira Masood and Ziyyad Gulzar

Kenza Art Gallery in collaboration with Artchowk, will be holding an exhibition entitled ‘Where Spirits Land,’ a unique collaboration between artists Sumaira Isaacs, Shakira Masood and Ziyyad Gulzar from March 10-31st 2010. The exhibition will be held at the Kenza Art Gallery located at the Souk Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai.

The exhibition, ‘Where Spirits Land’, will explore the connection between spirituality and reality. Using art and music, ‘Where Spirits Land’ is the artists’ journey to find the meeting point between their spiritual being and the physical existence of their lives.

“Deeply personal, the combination of our works touches the quintessential core of our existence, and explores fine lines that we have to navigate around on a daily basis that define our true spirituality,” said Sumaira Isaacs. “Our actions on a daily basis reflect our past and begin to define our futures, our relationships with loved ones and the divine.”

“‘Where Spirits Land’ is a unique exploration into this sensitive and sometimes treacherous landscape, by three different individuals, facing different life experiences at this juncture in time. What is truly interesting is the meshing of styles and artistic mediums to form a cohesive work of art that will stimulate the senses and provide food for emotional thought,” she continued.

Isaacs, a resident of Dubai, had achieved tremendous success in Dubai over the years starting from her debut exhibition within the Islamic art genre entitled: ‘Kenza, the First Modern Islamic Art Exhibition,’ quickly followed by ‘Al-Nuqoosh: An Odyssey into Contemporary Arabic Art.’ She has since opened an exclusive art gallery at Souq Madinat Jumeirah where Isaacs has a permanent exhibition of her work. Her artworks, through a brilliant use of colors and a delicate balance between design and form, are a reflection of her personality; experiences and faith intermingled with a solid artistic background and creative zeal.

Shakira Masood is an expressionist of the purest kind. Her work is an expression of her innermost thoughts and often a social commentary. Much of her work highlights social inequality and injustice. Masood exhibits regularly in all of the major cities of Pakistan, as well as at international group and solo showings.

Using music to create a narrative is Ziyyad Gulzar’s passion. He has composed for a variety of media from art and fashion productions to television and theater, including the soundtrack of Hollywood film “A Mighty Heart”. He is currently working on an art film project, as well as on composing interpretive music studying the confluence of spirituality and reality.

The exhibition will take place during ArtDubai, and is poised to attract a large number of local and overseas visitors, as well as art collectors.


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