Zayed University partners with Dubai American Academy for training students



13 students visit the Academy as part of a training programme aimed at creating qualified teachers

Dubai American Academy Thirteen UAE national students from Zayed University, College of Education, visited Dubai American Academy, part of GEMS network of schools, to gain insights on the best teaching practices that empower them to be qualified teachers and contribute to the society.

The two-day visit is part of the partnership between Zayed University and Dubai American Academy, which commenced last year, to hold a series of training programmes, aimed at developing the talent of the students who are training to be teachers. As part of the programme, the young female students attended several classes and interacted with teachers, counselors, and students from the elementary school.

“Teacher talent is the single most important element of excellent schools, and it is very important to nurture this talent through ongoing training. This has resulted in unprecedented levels of student achievement, and has made GEMS schools a quality leader in education in the UAE,” said Robin Appleby, Principal of Dubai American Academy. “We are delighted to host and train students from Zayed University for the second consecutive year, and thus contribute to creating a strong workforce of UAE national teachers.”

Dr. Linda Colburn, Assistant Professor at the College of Education, Zayed University, said: “The teaching tools adopted at Dubai American Academy represent a great model for our young students. Dubai American Academy staff was very welcoming and cooperative. The visit gave our student teachers the opportunity to develop their knowledge on the best teaching practices adopted worldwide. We look forward to arranging similar visits in the future.”

Another visit by Zayed University is scheduled for the end of the academic year in June, 2010.

About GEMS Education:
GEMS Education has a global network of world class international schools. With 50 years of experience in education, GEMS provides high quality holistic education to over 100,000 students from 125 countries. It employs over 9,000 education professionals, specialists and staff from around the world. The GEMS Education approach to learning focuses not only on academic excellence, but also in helping students develop their character and creativity so that they achieve their full potential as human beings.  The GEMS Education school model is unique in the world because it offers a broad range of curricula across a range of tuition fees making private education more accessible to the broader community. GEMS Education also supports Governments’ education reform agenda by working with Ministries of Education to lift school performance and improve the standards and expertise government schools across the globe.
GEMS Education has offices in the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, India and Singapore.


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