Omnia Connect launches Interactive Campaign monitoring Solution to track and manage user Behaviors and Enhance effectiveness



Knowing user behavior data is a critical key to managing successful viral campaigns. Now, Omnia Connect created that key to unlock new possibilities for effective interactive marketing campaign management with the launch of their new Campaign Manager software.

Designed and developed by the UAE’s digital media experts, Omnia Connect, this proprietary interactive campaign monitoring tool enhances a campaign’s effectiveness by providing new capabilities in tracking, management and overall marketing campaign intelligence.

Campaign Manager, through its ability to leverage web analytics, social media metrics and viral measurement, is an instant advantage for understanding user behavior and interactive campaign performance results.

Designed as a powerful, integrated management tool for interactive campaigns, the Campaign Manager software provides intelligent insights into the web traffic, site visitors and the user behaviors that occur across the spectrum of the online marketing campaign. Because it is programmed into the campaign’s website or microsite, Campaign Manager works as a seamless tool for tracking and reacting to user behaviors.

Simple customization of the open API system also allows for extendable user behavior monitoring and engagement design evaluation. Campaign Manager also boasts an “Accumulative Data Collection” feature, allowing the interactive campaign to collect user information and activity data over a period of time. This data is gathered and recorded automatically for use in campaign measurement or analyzation to better visualize the campaign’s rate of success.

Additional Features of Omnia Connect’s Campaign Manager:

  • Activity Monitor: Compare user actions, make determinations in what actions are driving the most success in the campaign.

  • Designed Email Templates: Built-in email template system, allows for the dispatch of personalized emails, building trust and loyalty with site users.
  • Email Statistics: Stats for emails sent and open rates, help indicate campaign message effectiveness.
  • Time Span: View each metric by selecting a start and end date, compare in terms of weeks or months of activity.
  • Data Collection: Fortified with capabilities that enhance rich data collection and Accumulative Data Collection, exported to Excel or other spread sheet software.

An interactive campaign is only as effective as its tools allow it to be. Campaign Manager is available for implementation into your next interactive marketing project exclusively with Omnia Connect. Visit: or email:

About Omnia Connect:

Omnia Connect, the dedicated web company of the Omnia Group, is a leading creator of websites and innovative online marketing campaigns. Headquartered in the UAE, Omnia Connect’s team consists of strategists, designers, web developers, programmers and interactive experts from across the globe. More information and an extensive portfolio for Connect can be found at


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