Ministry of Economy joins hands with National Medial Council to combat piracy



The UAE Ministry of Economy joined hands with National Media Council in Dubai to organise a seminar on the ways to deal with intellectual piracy. The issues discussed in the workshop included techniques to identify fake and imitated artworks, and illegally copied computer software, CDs and other material violating federal law no. 7 for 2002.

In line with this, the Department of ‘Media Content Tracking’ at the National Media Council held training seminars for 21 employees from the Minsitry including practical and theoretical activities.

Mr. Abdullah Al Hussein, Director of the Censorship Department at the Ministry of Economy, reiterated the ministry’s commitment to accelerate efforts to curb piracy. He said that more workshops will held on this topic, noting that such activities will contribute to enhancing expertise sharing and coordination between concerned federal and local bodies. He said that the ongoing initiatives will help in developing efficient control tools compliant with the latest global systems and practices.

Mr Al Hussein added: “This move will ensure strengthening our country’s stature as a referral point for intellectual ownership rights in the region at the same time positioning the UAE globally amongst the most developed countries from both legislative and executive perspectives.”

Mr. Jumaa Obaid Al Leem, Director of the ‘Media Content Tracking’ Department at the National Media Council, who supervised the training seminars, said: “We are keen to share our extensive expertise and learning with the MoE inspectors. This is part of executing a practical partnership plan to ensure coordination and cooperation in undertaking joint projects. It will allow other governmental bodies to benefit from previous experiences thus contributing to improving performance and achieving excellence.”

The practical activities included training the employees on how to identify fake art works, modern forgery techniques, as well as exercises on market raids. It discussed legal framework for raids and seizure procedures in addition to police forces rights. The theoretical side focused on ways to implement federal law no. 7 for 2002.

The initiative aims at executing a strategic partnership plan between the Ministry of Economy and the National Media Council to ensure protection of publishers’ intellectual rights as well as those of producers and innovators. These activities come in line with the efforts to fight piracy and prevent intellectual rights violation thus preserving the good reputation that the UAE economy enjoys worldwide.


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