Aladdin and the Magic Lamp


For the First Time in Abu Dhabi & in Favor of Autism From 12 – 16 April 2009

Exclusively in the United Arab Emirates, Middle East & Gulf Region and for the first time on stage at the National Theatre in Abu Dhabi, Sky Conferences & Exhibitions Est. will present the biggest comedic theatrical production, the legend of Aladdin & the Magic Lamp. These shows will be performed in Abu Dhabi from 12 – 16 April in the event of International Autism month supported by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Society Development, under the sponsorship of Abu Dhabi Co-operative Society and various institutions in UAE. A portion of the proceeds will be going to the children of Emirates Autism Centre. This production achieved great success in Paris and around the World.  It was attended by more than 1,5 million tourist until present.

Mr. Mohammed Al Mazrouie , the Executive Manager to Sky Conferences and Exhibitions stated that the Special Needs Centres are invited to attend the show free of charge. Mr. Akram Sabry the General Manager of Sky Conferences & Exhibitions who returned recently from Paris, added that it has been agreed to ship the production set from Paris, The production will be translated into English and Arabic Languages. A booklet will be edited and distributed complementary to the audience.  This booklet will be telling the legend, which came from Iraq.  The audience can enjoy a souvenir and keep it as a remembrance of Aladdin and Princess Scheherazade, and to retain the magic lamp that attain prosperity and miracles despite the fact that it was stolen from  Aladdin . The children will be allowed to take photos with Aladdin and Princess Scheherazade immediately after the show. We will have a curtain warmer before the main production. One of the most famous French comedic clowns will entertain the crowd for 30 minutes before Aladdin and the magic lamp.

It has been coordinated with institutions, universities, colleges and schools in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai and Sharjah to make collective trips. There will be 10 tickets for a lucky draw and the winner will go to Disney City in Paris.  Accommodation and flights are included. It has been decided to issue ticket prices at a reasonable price ranging between Dhs. 50 and Dhs. 195, to ensure everyone a change attend, especially families and children of different nationalities and ages.

Akram Sabry the General Manager of Sky Conferences and Exhibitions  Establishment said that Abu Dhabi enjoys international artistic components and wants to introduce international productions that goes hand in hand with the policy of the Establishment. These theatrical shows introduces direct recreational tourism and they gather families in cultural events, attracting the audience to another dimension and varied culture .These shows will be held prior to the festival and the exhibition of “Bonjour La France” which has been decided to be held from 30/09 to 03/10 at Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company supported by Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Abu Dhabi Economical  Development Council, The Arab French Chamber of Commerce, Arab  European  Studies Centre, through vast participation by  UAE, Gulf  Countries and France  to present festivals and  French Emarati joint Exhibitions that suits the  good relations between the two countries in an untraditional form and in which, and for the first time present artistic shows such as ZORO  and the most famous French Magic Show daily.

Mrs. Rhizlane Ben Maimoune, the Marketing Director at Sky Conferences and Exhibitions Establishment added that the tickets for Aladdin & the Magic Lamp were promoted by UAE tourist companies through their offices and agents abroad and this supports the initiative of the Establishment to take care of the artistic tourism. Tourist Groups and families from Bahrain, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait will attend the show. East Marketing Establishment in France stated that Sky Conferences & Exhibitions has exclusively obtained the rights to introduce productions such as Aladdin & the Magic Lamp, Robin Hood & Zorro in Gulf Area .There are 25 French Actors and technicians that will take part in Aladdin & the Magic Lamp. A French specialized team will supervise voice, light and the theatrical tricks as the production will introduce tricks that will provoke the audience. It was decided to hold a press conference on April 11 with the stars of the show and the distinguished international French producer “Alexander Fouz” in Abu Dhabi. We have received many requests from Dubai, Bahrain and Qatar to present these shows in the biggest theatres there.

The stars and the work team of Aladdin & the Magic lamp decided to visit Emirates Autism Centre and a number of Commercial Malls and an integrated touristic program was arranged for them.


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