Luxos Dubai takes flight with Empire Aviation



From the sandy beaches to the clear blue sky, Luxos Dubai  reaches new altitudes with Empire Aviation.

Elegantly designed to fit comfortably aboard these private jets, Luxos has been selected to provide Empire Aviation’s clientele with the latest information in travel and luxury. This Local Guide to Global Luxury, will capture your interest with note-worthy details on the best restaurants, bars, spa treatments, shopping and voyage in Dubai. For passengers travelling to destinations such as Spain, Italy, London, Paris, Hong Kong or Istanbul, a relevant Luxos edition will also be included.

Vincent K. Murphy, CEO and Publisher of Luxos, says, “We are pleased to take flight with Empire Aviation. Private jets, through ever-popular request, have become the ultimate accessory in luxury travel.”

Empire Aviation, a team comprised of highly specialized licensed aviators, ensures the highest quality service in the air. With a fleet of six private jets operating from the Dubai International Airport since 2007, they offer luxury service to businessman and celebrities 24/7.  Empire’s key objective is to provide flexibility and comfort for passengers, while maintaining a high-level of safety and security.

Paras Damechar, CEO of Empire Aviation, says, “Demand for private aviation services is certainly growing in the region, as more people discover the benefits of using a private jet. Privacy and discretion are two of the main reasons that our clients choose our services. We can fly our clients to any destination in the world, subject to the availability of a suitable airport or landing strip.”

Luxos Global Publishing Director, James Garth Hill, adds, “A must-have guide for the elite, Luxos’ joint venture aboard Empire Aviation is a first-rate concept; both cater to the distinguished traveller who wants VIP service at all levels.”

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