Part-time work system at governmental departments


The Dubai Executive Council today approved a part-time work system which will be adopted by all departments of the government of Dubai, said the official news agency WAM.

The new work system, a voluntary choice for individuals, is aimed to meet the needs and requirements of governmental departments, invest in the national human resources and further improve the skills and productivity of individuals.

Employees who are willing to become part-timers would receive wages on the hourly-basis. They continue to receive most of the benefits of they full-time contracts, except for the annual performance incentive, air tickets, paid leaves such as maternity and paternity leaves, annual leaves, pubic holidays and study leaves, but they maintain health insurance, pension fund benefits and rises and allowances given to UAE nationals as per Article 70 of Dubai Government’s human resources law No. 27/2006.

A 20% increment on the hourly wages will be given to part-timers as a compensation for allowances they are not eligible to receive.

Prospective part-timers will have to pass the same trial period as full-timers. They are also eligible to receive training in the UAE and abroad with equal allowances.

Thanks to the new system, employees, who have long working hours and suffer from difficult personal circumstances, would accordingly make best arrangement for their work and social life thus striking a balance between a productive and attractive work environment and a stable social life.

Ahmad Bin Bayat, Secretary General of the Dubai Executive Council said the system is part of plans by the government of Dubai to develop work at the governmental sector in line with directives from Dubai leadership and the Dubai Strategy 2015.


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