Air-conditioned bus shelters in 400 locations



Work Teams at Public Transport Agency of Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) have completed construction of about 700 air-conditioned bus shelters in 400 locations at various parts of the emirate of Dubai.

Essa Abdul-Rahman Al-Dosari, CEO of RTA Public Transport Agency, said: “Work in this vital project is up and running according to the plan jointly agreed with Right Angle Co. implementing this Project.

“The key objective of launching this service is to urge the public to use public buses through introducing innovative and edge-cutting global solutions capable of creating a pleasant and friendly atmosphere rather than having passengers waiting for buses under the blazing sun heat during summer time. This Project is a cornerstone for widening, renovating and integrating the public transport sector; which covers importing state-of-the-art buses from leading global manufacturers, as well as other mass transit modes such as taxis, marine transport and Dubai Metro, which is scheduled for opening in the third quarter of next year.

“This step is part of RTA Strategic Plan and one of the initiatives aiming to provide classy services and convenience to commuters so as to lure other segments of the community to use public buses. This is bound to minimize traffic bottlenecks resulting from the excessive use of private vehicles, and minimize environmental pollution rates; a matter which will have positive outcome on the public health of the community.

“The design of these shelters is modeled on the shape of the crescent. They are painted in a metallic colour and fitted with advanced air-conditioning systems. There is also prime spaces for ads; providing a new window for advertising for the first time in the region. The shelters are also fitted with recycling rubbish bins to contribute to a cleaner environment, as well as other facilities.

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