The master plan for Oqyana World First revised


With the final master plan in hand, it’s action station as the $5 billion Qqyana World First gets set to launch its construction program in the summer. Based on projections, the developer is looking to meet the completion date in 2011.

The layout of the master plan is revised to ensure the best island shape and orientation for water flow, in addition to improving water transportation routes and privacy for residents. New features inserted into the plan include a yacht club and drive center, reef lagoon, as outdoor performing art center, a waterfront promenade with central canal for outside dining venues and shopping, a ferry terminal, and a hotel with a private beach.


The design will however stick to its original plan of being a car-free community, while other features such as a double water frontage, with a private beach on one side and private mooring facilities on the other, have also been retained. On the residential side, there will be water and canal homes, villas, hotels and serviced apartments.

Oqyana World First is the first development on The World having taken up 22 ‘islands’ that form the shape of Australia and New Zealand, along with a dedicated “utility island”.  It will be located away from the core of the development and be next to the breakwater.

The 50,000 square metre ‘utility island’ will house a power generation plant, reverse osmosis desalination plant, sewage treatment plant, portable water tank, refuel station, maintenance workshops, fire station, admin offices and accommodations for workers.
The utility island offers our investors complete reassurance in Oqyana’s  supply with power, water, technology and all other utilities.

The masterplan ensures a stable and healthy living environnment by adopting innovative solutions that maintain the superior quality of seawater.


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