Dubai Business Women Council discusses ‘Developing Leadership Skills’


Dubai Business Women Council, the official representative organization for business women in the Emirate of Dubai, hosted its ‘Monthly Lunch Majlis’ at the Dubai Creek and Yacht club – The Golf Function Suite.

Held for the third time, the event witnessed the attendance of its board members, members and business women from all over the UAE. The Council, which was established in 2002, is headed by Mrs. Raja Al-Gurg and is currently in the process of launching its new website to cater to the members’ needs and requirements.

The guest speaker at the event was Dr. Hibah Shata, winner of Roll of Honor at the recent Emirates Women’s Awards. Through her presentation, Dr. Shata addressed the audience on the importance of developing leadership skills and formulating a clear method to utilize ideas, potentials and resources in order to achieve positive results.

“Leadership involves a harmonic mix of techniques, methods, inspiration of oneself and of others and learning from human experiences,” said Dr. Shata. “Leadership is not a formula or a program, but an attitude that the leader possesses to bring out the best of his/her team. A true leader is one who listens, analyzes, measures and makes the right decisions at the right time and place.”

‘DBWC Lunch Majlis’ is a monthly event organized for DBWC members with the objective of mutual communication, cooperation and coordination among Council members. The event aims at asserting the keenness of the Council to always communicate with its members, and encourage everyone to consult and discuss topics of common interest.

Mrs. Raja Easa Al-Gurg, President of Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC), said: “We are keen on organizing such events to ensure continuous communication with our members and to create the ideal platforms for sharing ideas and suggestions. Leadership is at the heart of the messages that DBWC conveys to its members and the society. We strongly believe in the potentials and the skills of the Arab women and their ability to contribute effectively to the society on different levels.”


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