Brands’ Apple Watch Apps Strategy


Aple Watch

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. This seems to be the trendiest Apple Watch strategy at the moment. The brand’s main rivals on the technology market seem so fond of the new gadget, that they are bombarding it with their own Apple Watch apps offers. Perhaps tech companies are too eager to cash on the expected success of the new wearable device.

Amazon has officially announced that has launched a special app for the Apple Watch. The application will offer users of the smartwatch a 1-click shopping experience directly from their wrist. Consumers will be able to search’s entire catalogue of products and make “1-click purchases.” The online retailer’s application developed particularly for Apple Watch will also support more advanced features. For instance, users will have the option to save a shopping idea or add new items to their Amazon Wish List. The app will also be directly connected with consumers’ iPhone, allowing them to transfer their Amazon searches to their handset.

Microsoft also joined the Apple Watch app frenzy. Even though the company also released a number of major updates for its own wearable, the Microsoft Band, it also rolled a number of Apple Watch apps. One of them was an Apple Watch OneDrive app. With it, owners of the innovative timepiece will be able to go through the photos they have saved on OneDrive. In addition to that, the company rolled out an update for its iOS PowerPoint app that will enable Apple Watch users to remotely control presentations from their wrist. That could actually be one very practical feature, especially for teachers, lecturers, business professionals and students who often have to give presentations.

Only Google seems to be opposing this trend. Similar to Microsoft, the search engine giant updated its Android Wear wearables operating system. However, the new features Google introduced through it, blurred almost all lines between the Apple Watch and Android Wear gadgets.

Meanwhile, Apple has silently launched a secret pro-Apple Watch campaign against its smartwatch competitors. Developers revealed that the company was currently rejecting all Apple Watch apps that were also supported by Pebble watches. In the app rejection emails, Apple explains that the applications contain “other platform references” and were thus “not appropriate for the App Store.”

So, which strategy is better – Apple’s and Google’s “attack-is-the-best-defense” master plans, or everybody else’ courting-the-enemy strategy? Time will show.


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