Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

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During the last holiday season or more accurately shopping season, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review was a very much researched topic. As a matter fact, consumers were so interested in the gadget, that they almost forgot about the company’s flagship smartphone – Galaxy S5. Therefore, we will now break down all the main characteristics and features of this trendy phablet and if you are looking for the best price you may compare offers here.

Galaxy Note 4

Design and Materials

Samsung has always been criticized by consumers about the materials it uses for its handsets, even for flagship devices like the Galaxy S5. The South Korean company traditionally relies on polycarbonate, which has started to look low-end next to the competition. Luckily, last year, Samsung broke the cycle with its Galaxy Alpha premium handset. Similar is the case with Note 4. The phablet comes with silver accents around its buttons and it rim. In addition to that, the back side of the device now has a textured design. That offers a better grip since it is much more comfortable to hold.


Even though Galaxy Note 4 rocks the same display size as that of its predecessor, it is slightly bigger and heavier compared to Galaxy Note 3. It measures 6.04 x 3.09 x 0.33 inches, which can be quite bulky for most users. Consumers looking for a device that can offer a one-handed use should opt for a different handset because will require both of their hands. In addition, they will have a hard time fitting it into their pocket. Still, if you are used to carrying a phablet around, Galaxy Note 4’s size should not really be a problem for you.


The displays of the new Galaxy Note and Note 3 both measure 5.7”, both support 16 million colours and both are of the Super AMOLED type. Nevertheless, everything else about them is different. As a start, Note 4 has pixels density of 515 ppi, whereas its predecessor offers only 386 ppi. The resolution of Galaxy Note 4 is increased from 1080p HD to 2,650 x 1,440p quad HD. The result is a very impressive contrast and smooth colours. Still, if you are not planning to store any ultra HD media on your device, you will not really see its full potential.


The camera has also undergone various upgrades. Both the primary and the secondary camera of Note 4 come with more megapixels compared to Galaxy Note 3. The rear camera now packs 16MP and optical image stabilization, which is still hard to find even among point-and-shoot digital cameras. Its front-facing camera was improved from 2MP to 3.7MP.

Battery Life

The battery of the latest Galaxy Note witnessed only a small improvement from 3200 mAh to 3220 mAh. Nevertheless, do not expect to get more hours out of it since Note 4 consumes more power than Note 3. Therefore, at the end you pretty much get the same old battery performance.


The best thing about Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has got to be its performance. The device is sold with two different types of processors – 1.9GHz octa-core Exynos 5433 and 2.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805. Each of them is robust enough to allow users stream even HD content with no glitches. In terms of connectivity, you will get super-fast speeds of up to 300Mbps. Also, the handset comes with 32GB of internal memory capacity. Unfortunately, unlike Note 3, Galaxy Note 4 does not have a 64GB edition. Nevertheless, you can easily expand its capacity with a microSD card if you really need to.


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 has a long list of great features. It comes with a S-Pen stylus, which is great for note taking. Apart from that, consumers can also use it for navigation. That will keep fingerprints off their big screen. Among the other extras of Note 4 are a heart-rate and a finger-print sensor.


The latest Samsung Galaxy Note runs on Android 4.4 KitKat that could be a bit of a disappointment for users who want to try out Android Lollipop. However, the plans to add the new Android OS to Note 4 in the near future. Lollipop or not Lollipop, the interface and features of this phablet device are incredibly customizable. Consumers are even able to turn on a one-handed use mode although they may still experience difficulties to navigate through the handset’s menu with just one hand.

How It Compares to the Competition

iPhone 6 Plus  – Samsung released its Galaxy Note 4 around the same time Apple launched its first phablet – the iPhone 6 Plus. That is why the new-generation Note is often compared to the 6 Plus. However, the two devices share few similarities, apart from their fingerprint sensors. The big iPhone is entirely made of premium-quality materials. Even though Samsung did add more high-end qualities to the design of Galaxy Note 4, it cannot beat the iPhone on that. Still, the latest Galaxy Note excels in many other ways. It has a bigger screen, although that makes it a tiny bit heavier. It also offers higher resolution and pixel density. In addition, Note 4’s rear camera packs two times more megapixles and its front camera – three times more megapixels. Last, but not least, the iPhone 6 Plus does not come with a stylus and its performance is not as smooth as that of its rival.

LG G3 – When it comes to dimensions and weight, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is bigger and heavier than LG G3, although just slightly. That, however, is due to the fact that Note 4 has a larger screen. On the other hand, G3 manages to offer the same pixel density and resolution as that of Note 4, despite its 5.5” display. As a result, it takes the lead here. Yet, LG’s new flagship handset is no match for Galaxy Note 4’s performance and multitasking capabilities. The situation is pretty much the same when it comes down to the gadgets’ cameras. Nevertheless, one thing that the new Note will not give you is an impressive audio quality. At times, it can feel little thin, whereas the LG G3 will blow you away thanks to its Dolby mobile technology.

Sony Xperia Z3 – Xperia Z3 is also a phablet, but it screen measures only at 5.2”. Still, that can be great news for consumers who want a phablet handset that is more compact than the Note 4. Also, Sony’s device is water-resistant, dust-proof and it has a shatter-proof glass. However, these durability-focused characteristics do not contribute for a nice-looking design.

Bottom Line

Without a doubt, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the best smart gadgets you can purchase today. It excess in all possible ways and consumers who love to multitask and use their handset as a primary device will fall in love with it. Those, who want a more compact device, on the other hand, may opt for some of its competitors.

 Galaxy Note 4


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