Happiness Hacks from World’s Happiest Countries



Have you noticed that all the lists of “the world’s happiest countries” seem to always include the same nations every single year. Countries in the Pacific, like Australia and New Zealand, or Denmark, Sweden and Finland in the Scandinavian region are present on such rankings again and again. Why is that? Well, each of them has its own secret to happiness.

dubai-ice-rink-celebrates-canada-week-with-weekend-long-ice-hockey-activitiesCanada – Be friendly

Canadians are known as one of the friendliest people in the world. The majority of them tend to be very open-minded, hospitable and always ready to offer their help. In addition, they value their relationships with their friends and family very highly. That is probably why the last World Happiness Report found that nine out of ten Canadians shared that they know at least one person on who they can rely no matter what.

Australia SurfingAustralia – Spend more time in the open

Go outside more often. Australians love to spend time outdoors. Of course, that is mainly due to the fact that they live in a climate zone which offers warm temperatures throughout the entire year. That is why they are used to take quick walks during their lunch break or to go jogging a few days a week.

Denmark – Turn your hobby into a profession

There are many great reasons for living in Denmark. Although the taxes in this European country are among the highest on the globe, many services are free, like education and healthcare. As a result, people in Denmark have more freedom to follow their passion. Unlike most other countries, Denmark is all about following your dreams and doing what you most love. Many people pick their university specialty or profession based not on what would bring them more money, but on what would bring them more satisfaction.

Austria – Invest in your happiness

Austria’s population is one of the wealthiest in the world. The people who live in this country are also known for their habit to save up money for rainy days. In that way, they manage to avoid the stress that is triggered by financial problems.

Sweden – Be eco-friendly

Sweden is often in the top 5 of the world’s happiest countries. Its happiness secret is green lifestyle. The country has one of the cleanest water and air in the world. In addition, not many people in Sweden have a car, since most of them prefer to travel around the city on a bike. Also, recycling has become habit of the local population. Moreover, the country’s capital, Copenhagen is known as Europe’s first green capital.

Iceland – Value work-life balance

Most companies in Iceland focus many of their policies and efforts on providing their employees with a proper balance between work and life. They are very family-friendly and they organize events that will stimulate workers to find new interests or practice their hobbies.

Finland – Live a peaceful life

Violence and crime are not that widespread in Finland as they are in the rest of the world. People there have learned to see the glass half full. In addition, they want to live in understanding and peace with everyone around them.

What would happen if you try to leave your life with these happiness secrets in mind? Could you become the happiest person in the world? There is only one way to find out!

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