What to Do This Weekend in Dubai



Are you planning a trip, a party or a family gathering for the upcoming weekend? If you are not travelling, you have probably decided to stay home and get some rest this weekend in Dubai. Well, the city never sleeps! Moreover, it is Ramadan.

If you are visiting Dubai for the first time and wonder what to do during the low tourist season, start with one of the city’s most amazing destinations – the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. You can view the surrounding landscape from its special outdoor observation deck on the 124th floor of the building! Then, you should visit the Wild Wadi Water Park or the Aquaventure Waterpark in Atlantis The Palm, the Miracle Garden, or just take photos of the man-made islands and the only 7-star hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab. However, if you are living in Dubai, all these would seem quite boring to you. Sunbathing at the beach or a trip to the desert are also not options at all, especially in the hottest time of the year. So, what to do and how to have fun in Dubai this weekend when all dance clubs, restaurants and cafes are closed?

One thing, of course, is explore the shopping malls. There’s a good reason Dubai is called “the shopping capital of the Middle East” – here you will find cheap and pricey stores, luxury boutiques, traditional souqs, and basically, anything you are searching for. And while shopping options here are diverse all year round, this is the perfect time to explore the malls and get advantage of their Ramadan offers and promotions. Right now, retailers cut the prices to attract customers, so if you need a new dress, shoes or want to add an extravagant and expensive accessory to your wardrobe, now is the time. Don’t worry if you are with the kids, most malls, as well as the larger shopping centers have special kids’ corners.

If you are a crazy, action sport enthusiast, visit the Rage Skatepark at Dubai Sports World 2013 (DSW) at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. This Friday, DSW is hosting the Rage Indoor Skating and BMX Championship which will be the perfect place for your teen boy, especially if he loves skating, speed, and mad stunts. The place is air-conditioned, so it’s ideal to escape the heat. The event starts at 10.00 am and will continue through the entire day. Tickets are AED 35.

Another sport and fitness event you can take part in, is the cycle challenge this Friday, which is again part of DSW and is held at Dubai World Trade Centre. The entry is AED 50, but if you race on the static CycleOps 1400 indoor bikes and win, you will get a cash prize. The challenge happens every Friday until August 9, and if you make it to the final, you will have the chance to take home a CycleOps trainer worth AED 7,000.

This week if full of cultural and educational events, forums and festivals celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, so if you want to learn something new or meet the kids with Islam and Islamic tradition, visit one of them – the Al Multaqa – Ramadan Forum 2013, the Ramadan Majlis, the Ramadan Scholars, Al Farooq Mosque Ramadan Activities and many more. Of course, besides the lectures, talks and art exhibitions, you can enjoy special iftar meals served in traditional way.

Fron the Ramadan Iftar tents, the one at Atlantis The Palm is really very well organized. The Iftar buffet at Al Bustan Residence offers a great variety of tasty food and there is a special offer for families. The ambience at the Arabian Courtyard is very suitable for late evening traditional Shisha enthusiasts.


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