Ramadan Night Market to Make a Comeback in Dubai



night-souk-in-dsf-2008Ramadan Night Market will return to Dubai this year with its second edition. The event promises to be bigger and better compared to 2012.

This year’s Ramadan Night Market will offer even more products which cannot be found elsewhere. The total number of outlets which will participate in the event amounts to about 400. The brands that will take part in Ramadan Night Market will come from the region. In addition, the retail area of the event will now be 8,000 square meters. That is two times bigger compared to the first edition. Among the products that visitors will be able to purchase are clothes, jewellery, food, furniture, electronics, health and beauty products, souvenirs and many more.

Ramadan Night Market will be held during the last 10 days of Ramadan – from August 1 to 10. The event is organized by Sumansa Exhibitions and it will take place at Dubai World Trade Centre in Halls 7 and 8.

The reason why the market is organized over the last ten days of Ramadan is because this is usually the time when people start to prepare and shop for Eid. However, Dubai’s Ramadan Night Market is not welcoming only Muslims, but non-Muslims too. That is because the event gives a unique glimpse into Islamic culture and traditions. In addition, it perfectly showcases the country’s hospitality.

Last year’s edition of Ramadan Night Market surpassed all expectations. It attracted an impressive number of people and enjoyed a good response, in general. That is mainly what inspired its comeback.

The second edition of the event will be more family-oriented. It will encourage families from the region to come and visit it with different incentives. Ramadan Night Market is just one of the many events in Dubai that aim at popularizing the city as a world family destination.

The event will be held every day from August 1 to10 and the entry will be free. During Ramadan, the market will start from 8pm and continue to 2am. During Eid, on the other hand, it will open at 5pm and close at 12 midnight.


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