DSS 2013 Final Week: Shows You Must See



DSS Dream of wondersThere is only a week left of the annual festival Dubai Summer Surprises which attracts more and more people every year. During this week, you have the chance to have a lot of fun with your family and benefit from the special promotions and fabulous prizes across most shopping malls in Dubai for the last time this year. So, here are some of the biggest, the best and the most entertaining events you must see during the last week of this year’s DSS.

Kids Fashion Week

One of the major events in Dubai Summer Surprises is Kids Fashion Week where little girls and boys will showcase children’s clothing by some of the best brands globally. Of course, every kid can become a model in the mini fashion week every day at 6.30 pm and at 7.30 pm, but only the best will take home prizes. A jury will select The Best Boy, The Best Girl, and The Best Interesting Personality at the end of the week, on July 6.

Strawberry Shortcake

The kid’s stage show The Berry Best Choice will run from July 1 to July7 at the Mirdif City Centre. Little ladies will fall in love with Strawberry Shortcake, all her friends and her magical pink candy world where optimism and friendship are strong enough to solve all problems. There are three showings every day at 4.15 pm, 5.30 pm, and 7.30 pm., which will show you how the residents of Berry Bitty City are trying to find Wanderberry.

Miracle Garden

Besides the DSS-related promotions, the European Renaissance-looking Mercato Shopping Mall will attract its customer, and mostly their children, with the interactive Miracle Garden Show. The final stagings are on July 1 at 5 pm., 6.30 pm., and 8.00 pm., so if you want to raise green awareness in your children, don’t miss it! Although only a half-an-hour show, The Miracle Garden is astonishing with its choreography, costumes and story, so it’s worth seeing!

Bedtime Stories

Take your children to the Bed Time Stories shows at Mall of the Emirates every day from July 2 to July 7. Listen to the traditional stories and you will find yourself back in your childhood enchanted by heroic adventures and epic fairy tales, rediscovering the power of imagination. Storytelling starts at 4.30 pm. and 7.30 pm. on weekdays and at 4.30 pm., 6.00 pm., and 8.00 pm. during the weekend.


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