Amazon Starts a Certification Program for Cloud Computing Pros

1976’s company Amazon Web Services informed about the launch of an AWS Certification Program. The new initiative is triggered by the rise of AWS Cloud and cloud computing in general. Amazon stated that this trend creates a higher demand for consultants and candidates that are familiar with AWS’s work. The aim of the new certification program will be to find IT professionals who have both the knowledge and the skills to develop and maintain services and apps on the Amazon Web Services Cloud.

Those who want to get an AWS Certification will first need to showcase their level of proficiency in the area in which they are applying. That will happen through a special certification exam.

From Amazon also informed that the first exams for the program will become available for candidates as soon as this year. The first of them will be for the “AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level” certification. It will focus on solutions architects and technical professionals. The exam will test their skills in development and design of apps on AWS. The next certification exam, that will be made available later this year, will be for SysOps (Systems Operations) Administrators and Developers.

Professionals who want to apply for the program will need to take the test in one of the 750 testing locations of AWS which will be situated in over 100 countries.

Amazon also highlights the main benefits of the program. One of them is to assist companies in finding IT or engineering employees that are qualified to develop and maintain applications the AWS Cloud. Also, the Certification Program will give technical professionals the opportunity to grow, as well as to certify and promote their cloud computing skills.

According to Amazon Web Services’ Vice President Adam Selipsky, this program is very important due to the increasing popularity of cloud computing among all sorts of companies. Amazon reports that one of them is also Samsung SDS which uses the AWS cloud for many of its key programs.

In addition, AWS stated that organizations which rely on cloud computing in their work are currently in need of more professionals in the sphere. The AWS Certification Program was the only way they could keep up with the growing demand of these services and be competitive and innovative on the market.

For those candidates who want to increase their knowledge and deepen their level of proficiency on AWS solutions and services, Amazon Web Services will offer special training. The training will be available for solution architects, SysOps administrators, as well as developers. The courses will also have the aim to prepare candidates for the AWS Certification Program exams.

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  1. Is it possible to apply for the exam if the candidate lives in Sri lanka? Is it an oline exam? Does Amazon offer any written exams as well? Is it worth for being a Computer Services Manager?

    Currently I know a very little about cloud computing


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