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UAE-based professional in-home nursing provides superior level of nursing and caring services to meet all home care needs.

It’s the beginning of Ramadan, the most holy Month of the year for Muslims, is fast approaching, an exciting and special occasion which places great value on family. Emirates Home Nursing (EHN) highlights the importance of safety for the elderly during fasting.

Ramadan is one of the five main pillars of Islam and during this holy month Muslims find strength, compassion and values through fasting although the Quran exempts sick people from the duty of fasting, many Muslims with chronic diseases may not perceive themselves as sick and are keen to fast. It is not supposed to be an act that’s going to damage the body or burden the soul and that is the reason why elderly who suffer health conditions are not required to fast. Diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems are common aliments among the elderly, and EHN indicates the need for education to increase awareness of the risks of fasting among elderly people.

“We recommend that Muslim patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes should be supervised and monitored by our qualified senior nurses who will ensure a proper healthy balanced diet, regular exercise, blood glucose monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, early recognizing of potential complications and surely the use of medications that should be taken on the alternative time decided by the physician.” said Dr. Abdul Kader Fawal, General Manager, EHN.

Ramadan brings a message of compassion and giving and is of great importance to society, especially the elderly. It is important to reach out to the elderly who are lonely, without family or any company in their lives. It is invaluable for them to feel that someone is keeping watch on them. It is also important to educate the local community in the UAE that professional aid is required while taking care of patients at home. Ethics, religion, and customs of the UAE do not allow people to leave relatives at the rehabilitation centre or in an elderly home. It is concerning that many elderly people are not receiving the right treatment due to lack of knowledge and negligence about the l factors behind the elderly’s symptoms and behavior.

“Emirates Home Nursing Senior care service was created to provide support services in the privacy of your own home in order to help the elderly remain independent. This will improve the quality of life by enhancing the health of the senior, which could extend the life expectancy.” said Rachael Wunsch, CEO of Al Tamimi Investments. “To get professional senior care services provided in your own home during this time of the year will be an invaluable service for families and their elderly”, added Wunsch.

According to a study done by Dubai Health Authority, the population of people above the age of 60 years in the GCC is expected to increase to 50 million by 2050. With that figure the need for professional Senior Care is increasing in order to assist this aged group in their daily living and uplift the quality of their lives amongst their families and loved ones. Hospitals in the UAE also have a significant number of chronic senior patients who can be hospitalized for 2-3 years due to a lack of available clinical and non-clinical home care.

EHN has developed a consistent quality of service that enables patients and families to rely on our support whilst continuing to respect our senior clients by ensuring their quality of life is maintained. This provides comfort, peace of mind, control and security to the patient and their family. Having a trained professional assess the needs and obtaining appropriate help with some of the day-to-day tasks can reduce the level of stress and promote better family relationships.

Senior home care at EHN includes: non-medical services that are provided such as: Bathing, dressing, grooming, assisting with meals and feeding, medical reminders, companionship and conversation, walking assistance, appointment escort, range of motion exercises, mobility assistance and monitoring diet and eating habits.

The staff of Health Care Assistants and Nurses is trained in First Aid and are selected for their qualifications and experience in line with the client’s specific needs and individual care on the basis of the clients social, cultural, and religious needs.


  1. I have been using their Child care service since 2 months. I have 5 years old boy and 3 years girl which she is a special needs child, the nurse is a big help and the prices are reasonable


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