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Wedding hair style ideas

Your hair is one of the most important parts of your wedding outfit and it is a chance to show off your personality. It can completely change your dress, your face and your day. So getting it right is important. You may decide to hire a professional to do your hair, or you may prefer to do it yourself. In either case you will need to have an idea about style, shape and what suits you. Decide what hair style you are going to have as soon as you have bought your dress. This will give you plenty of time for planning, which is important, especially if you choose a look that requires you to buy extras, like hair accessories. Here are some fantastic ideas that will make sure you get the look you want on your wedding day.

Romantic up do

Romantic styling is all over the bridal runways and it is a great opportunity for you brides to get some truly feminine styling into your overall appearance. This Romantic up do can be worn by all hair types – thin, thick, curly, and straight. Begin by curling your hair into loose curls. Then take the hair that falls from your ear to your forehead and secure with a hair clip to keep this section in place. Repeat on both sides. Next, take a two inch section from your crown using a fine toothed comb. Backcomb or “tease” this section to give height and volume, then lightly hairspray. Pull the hair that is not sectioned off into a low ponytail. Divide your ponytail into small sections; the size will depend upon the thickness and length of your hair. Ideally sections will be around half an inch. Curl one section, then loop it up towards your head and fasten with a hair pin that matches your hair colour. Repeat with each section. If you want a really romantic look leave some of the longer curls loose. Undo the front sections and wrap each one underneath the curled sections, securing at the nape of your neck with pins. This will give the look a sleek finish. Lightly hairspray and add a decorative accessory to vamp up this great do.


The classic wedding hairstyle is of course the chignon. It is extremely versatile and can be worn in lots of different ways. However, we have found the don of the chignon. It’s a sleek, Audrey Hepburn do and is perfect for a wedding. To begin, tie your hair into a high ponytail near the crown of your head. Place your ponytail flat to your head, with the ends of your hair pointing towards your forehead. From where your ponytail has been tied, measure 5cm and fasten your hair here with bobby pins; leaving the remaining hair loose. For the next stage you will need a hair pad. Hair pads are versatile blocks that can be used to give volume and shape. They are cheap and very useful. Fold the hair pad in half, over the area you have pinned. It needs to slightly cover the base of your pony tail too. Once in place, secure with bobby pins. Now take the loose part of the ponytail back over the top of the padding, combing it into place over the pad. Tie an elastic band on the end of the hair and push the remaining hair up, inside the padding. Secure the style with bobby pins if it does not feel stable. The perfect way to finish off this style is to add some white feathers, some crystals or a caged veil.

Waterfall plait

The waterfall plait is a popular new trend for brides and although very simple, it looks complex and detailed. If you are planning to do your own hair on the day, this may be the do for you. If you also have straight hair and want to wear it loose then this is perfect. Begin by combing your hair, and then part it as normal. Start to plait on the right side of your parting by taking the top section of your hair and dividing it into three strands. Plait these strands three times, beginning with the right strand. On the third plait, when you get to the left strand (the one that is closest to the middle of your head) add more hair, as if you are French plaiting. Once you have French plaited the left strand, which is now the centre piece, drop the right strand and let it fall over the other sections. Collect a new, small section of hair next to where the original strand fell. This becomes your new right strand. Continue this process and gradually cascade the style towards the middle of your head. When you are happy with the length secure to your head with a bobby pin and plait the remaining piece of hair into a fishtail plait. Add a hair accessory that compliments your gown to hide the pins and to give your hair some extra razzle-dazzle.

Your wedding day hair kit

Even if you are hiring a stylist, it is essential that you take a hair kit to your wedding. It is going to be a long day and after 12 hours of hugs, tears and dancing, it is quite possible that your hairdo will be a hair-don’t. Take with you a little hair repair kit. Ideally you will have bought miniature products, as this will reduce the amount you have to take. You will need hair spray, hair gel, hair mousse and wax. Take with you a hairdryer, straightening irons and if you have curls, a curling tong. You will also need hair pins, spare accessories, a comb, a brush and some thermal styling brushes. Packing a handheld mirror into your kit will enable you to style your hair easily. It is a good idea to redo your hair at least twice throughout the day. This will make sure you stay looking fresh and tidy until the very last dance. Once you have finished doing your last retouches why not treat your girlfriends and leave your hair kit in the ladies bathroom? This way everyone remains beautiful and sassy. Plus the wedding photos will be a success.

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