Business Opportunity: Easy Up – Wake Up Formula, Green Coffee Bean


Green coffee bean extract is hardly known in the Middle East

Easy Up – Wake Up Formula is now available for retail distribution and online purchase

There are numerous products to get you to sleep, but there are not many that solve the problem of how to wake up easier in the morning. Many of us, from young school kids to stressed business executives, often struggle with waking up easier in the mornings.

One of them, Gregory W. Gossett worked with his partner and world renown Inventor & product developer, Gary Kehoe, to develop and laboratory test a new product called Easy Up(TM)- Wake Up Formula, that claims it helps people to wake up easy.

Gregory W. Gossett is the Managing Director at Time Engineered Technologies. The company just announces the development of a new Time Delayed Technology that allows users to wake up easier. The new product, Easy Up(TM) – Wake Up Formula is the first to use this technology and promises to show anyone how to wake up easier.

Time Engineered Technologies is a biochemical product development company. It gathers a world-class product team of biochemists together, who have created products for some of the largest consumer goods companies around the globe. The company says it already secured over thirty product patents.

How the Easy Up – Wake Up Formula works?

The Time Delayed Technology allows dietary supplements and other ingredients to be taken, but not released and absorbed from the body until a future time. Easy Up – Wake Up Formula is created to deliver a cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine right before the user wakes up, and a second cup over the next 8 hours.

Easy Up – Wake Up Formula is made from coffee bean extract that contain a high concentration of caffeine. The two coatings that surround the capsule dissolve slowly, ensuring that the energy ingredients don’t reach the user’s system until the morning.

Easy Up – Wake Up Formula is safe, though it does have a caffeine warning. It is as safe as drinking two strong cups of coffee in the morning, according its inventor. You have to take it at night, before you go to sleep to wake up right. Here is a testimonial of a working woman:

Time Engineered Technologies LLC announced the Easy Up – Wake Up Formula is now available for retail distribution and online purchase . Definitely, not yet available in the Middle East, this  product may become the backbone of a new small to medium business for innovative entrepreneurs.

Recently, another nutrition supplement related to caffeine made the news in the United States for its rediscovered weight-loss effect. Green coffee bean extract is also currently not available in most of Dubai’s nutrition shops and pharmacies. However, industry insiders report impressive sales during the past 1 and half month.

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