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It is snot impossible! Even if you sit in your home office in Dubai, you can still join the ranks among the world’s most admired business people by using products and supporting the world’s most admired companies.

Fortune magazine’s survey recently asked business people to vote for the companies that they admired most from any industry. This is how they produced a list with the 50 most admired companies overall. 

To start with the number 1 product you must own: possessing a much-coveted gadget from Apple is a must. It is not necessary to be an AED11,000 iMac. An affordable iPod could add a dash to your personal presentation and will help you familiarise with the company’s technology.

As number 2 on the list of the world’s most admirable companies is listed Google. So, do not hesitate to accept Google’s new policies and open a Gmail account that will link to your YouTube and all other sorts of accounts. The “new” Google policy was around for few months already and have been tried and tested by hundreds of thousands users, including the Dubai Chronicle’s Editor.

Moving forward with the styling of your new most admirable business appearance, we suggest you start shopping on The online retailer ranked 3rd among the world’s most admirable companies. A signature product of the company is the electronic reading device Kindle. It is very much affordable, because it is priced between $79 and $500. The real hit is the Kindle Fire at $199.

At number 4 of the world’s most admirable companies, stands Coca-Cola. We suggest, you opt for a regular one, few times a week. If you are in Dubai, the cans should weight strictly 330ml. Tourists and hotel guests are allowed to accept smaller cans of 300ml. Here is why!

Moving forward, as number 5 is listed IBM. Use as much as possible IBM softwares or buy a Lenovo laptop.

If you want to join the ranks of the world’s most admirable business people, forget about Aramex or EmPost. Use FedEx instead, because it ranked Number 6 on the list of Fortune’s 500 choices.

Number 7 needs a little more concentration! Berkshire Hathaway remains one of the most admired companies in the Fortune 500, due to the sage leadership of its CEO Warren Buffett. Quoting his remarks or market predictions will certainly keep you admired in your business circles.

Being admirable is not really that difficult! What will make it even easier is hanging at Starbucks. At number 8, the company is now aiming at new heights, posting record revenue and profits. They are also going greener and hiking up the prices of the Lattes.

On personal note using Procter & Gamble is a must, when it comes to soaps and cosmetics. Procter & Gamble has had to make major changes to adjust to a challenging consumer market. Now, the world’s largest consumer-products company is bravely up against slow growth in developed markets.

logo 3 At numer 10 on the list of world’s most admirable companies is the Southwest Airlines. If you are in Dubai or elsewhere in the Middle East, you should stick to Emirates Airline.

Using or liking products and services offered by the world’s most admired companies, over the time will help you understand how they engineer their business, what are their core values and targets. It will help you to associate closer to the business success!

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