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The price of gold has recently begun trending upward again after a short period of pulling back and all signs are pointing toward a price of $2000/oz. during the second half of 2012. This makes now a better time than any to invest in gold. This timing is particularly ripe when considering the recent speculation about the long-term staying power of the Euro due to Greece and Italy. As a result, gold-euro is outperforming gold-dollar over 1% over the past month as Europeans are fleeing the Euro for gold. This currency volatility will not disappear and will likely only increase over the next months and years. What can be ensured though is that there will always be a market for gold, particularly physical gold. The main question is how to participate in the marketplace with as minimal risk as possible.

From an investor’s standpoint ETFs and gold futures and options have been the dominant method by which gold investments have occurred. Increasingly however, investors are looking more and more toward acquiring physical gold bullion because often, these derivatives do not necessarily represent physical gold holdings equivalent to the invested dollar. There are alternatives for acquiring such verifiable quantities physical gold and the easiest way is to go to your nearest gold market and buy what you can carry and take it personally to the safest place you know. A smarter solution would be to go to your nearest Internet connection and have trusted gold providers do this as well as insure it for you.

Working with providers that enable you to purchase, store, insure, receive delivery of and sell back gold online is the new framework for investing in gold. If gold is the right investment for you, do your research and ensure that each of the providers makes these options available. Companies like Gold Money, Bullion Vault, Gold Made Simple, Gold Bullion International and GBULLION will appear in your search but you will soon realize that GBULLION DMCC, which is a certified trader of gold under the authority of the Dubai Multi Commodities Center, is unique among these for a few reasons.

As a relatively new entrant to the market GBULLION has been able to carve out a competitive position by offering the best service prices. They also understand that innovation from the service standpoint is critical. They have strategically based their operations within one the most transparent and well-respected jurisdictions in the world for physical gold trading. Each of the other companies sells, stores and insures gold but GBULLION is not only able to sell gold closer to the spot price than anyone else but through their partner, Brinks, they are able to take the extra step of providing free delivery to any airport in the world when gold delivery is requested. So whether you’re a jeweler, investor or electronics manufacturer you can be assured to get your gold delivered to you when you want it with no shipping costs.

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