MoF Employees Introduce e-Dirham to ‘Watani’ Summer Camp Children



The Revenue Development Department at the Ministry of Finance (MoF) recently organized a visit at its headquarters in Dubai for children participating in the ‘Watani’ summer camp. The visit, headed by Faisal Al Mansouri, Director of Revenues Development Department at MoF, was held to inform the children about the e-Dirham.

During the visit, the children were introduced to the different ministries existent in the UAE and briefed about MoF’s role. The children were also informed about the various historical developments that the UAE currency underwent and about trade mechanisms practiced in past and present times. Furthermore, the visit also highlighted recent developments applied to payment methods used for a number of transactions. In line with global technological advancements, payment for these transactions was being conducted via electronic currency as opposed to physical money.

The children also had a chance to practically experience using the e-dirham system and its related ATM machines. They also participated in a trivia competition about the system.

Commenting on the visit, Al Mansouri said: “Our aim behind organizing visits such as this one is to educate and inform the younger generation about the e-Dirham and the important role that the Ministry of Finance plays in developing and enhancing its services at a national level. All initiatives implemented by MoF have the common underlying goal of ensuring that financial resources are managed wisely.”

The visit was concluded by the distribution of prizes and souvenirs to all visitors, which included a “Blue Al Haslah Prepaid Card”; one of the cards offered as part of the second generation of e-Dirham (G2 e-Dirham). A group photo was also taken which included both the children and a number of MoF employees.

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