Distaste for Facebook friends behavior



Many people find some of their Facebook friends actually annoying.

The daily deals company Eversave conducted a study between 400 women, who unexpectedly uncovered more information about participants’ distaste for their friends’ online behavior than about the impact social networking has on saving money.

In fact, 85% of those polled admitted being annoyed by their online friends, with three behaviors topping the list of offenses:

  • 63% complained about complaining all the time.
  • 42% of survey participants are annoyed by sharing unsolicited political views
  • 32% accidentally revealed the imperfections of their own lives by pointing out this problem: Bragging about seemingly perfect lives

65% of participants also classified friends as fitting the “documentarian” stereotype, ” updating their status with their every move,” which seems especially ironic considering 79% said that they enjoyed using Facebook to keep their friends informed about what they were up to. Perhaps more people simply need to “Like” self-awareness instead.

Back to the purpose of the survey,  45% of those taking part  said they found out about online deals from their friends, compared with 79% who admitted also discovering bargains through deal companies’ social network ads.


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