Kenza Art Gallery to Host an Exhibition ‘The Never Ending Story’ by Rodney Bogg



Kenza Art Gallery will be holding an exhibition entitled ‘The Never Ending Story’ by Rodney Bogg from April 21st – May 15th 2010. The exhibition will be held at the Kenza Art Gallery located at the Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai.

Rodney’s fascination in natural history led him to explore the elements of space and time in the form of abstract landscapes. This fascination unwrapped into personal interpretations of texture, time and stretching boundaries from the microcosmic inner qualities of stone to the endless emptiness of deep space. He uses various media, colours and textures to create works that encourage viewers’ to delve beneath the surface and take their own personal journey beyond the canvas.

The definition of a good artwork is often given by the intangible quality possessed by the artwork that draws in viewers and holds their attention as they attempt to organize their own reactions to the work.  This is especially true for the ostensible simplicity of abstract painting and also very true about Rodney’s work. In the purest form of the genre, he manages to make us think about a menagerie of subjects just with the hint of a suggestion: the suggestion formulates the question and we must search for answers within. The narrative combines philosophical thought with intense introspection: there is no conclusive answer and so the discussion continues.

“Life is a journey of possibilities all in the context of a never-ending story. I use colour as my principal tool to create an impression of infinity. The horizon exists but is never reached and an illusion of activity is created,” explains Rodney Bogg.

Starting his practice as a calligrapher, an interest in abstract art and its relationship to space and time took on a material form with his first experimental works. His earlier interaction with colour and technique used brasher strokes and more defined boundaries harnessing colour and form. His recent foray has taken him in to a more gentle approach classifying him more into the abstract expressionism of Barnet Newman and Rothko. The works have a deeper narrative, an abstract depiction of the world without any specific linear boundaries but very often with an outlying horizon. He does not make a statement, rather a suggestion open to individual interpretations. His strength as a painter lies in the diversity of those interpretations and his ability to take the viewer into a deep, personal thought.

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