SmsMyStatus – New Facebook application launched in the UAE



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If you are one of those average Facebook users who spend a lot of time on Facebook updating your status every few hours, you now have a reason to go out and enjoy the ‘real world’ more often. SmsMyStatus is a Facebook application that allows you to update your Facebook status by sending an SMS! You don’t need a high end smart phone or expensive GPRS connectivity any more – just any phone that can send text messages and a Facebook account. SmsMyStatus is a completely free service(normal SMS charges applicable – 18 fils per SMS if used within UAE) and the architecture allows users from all over the world to sign up and use this service. The application was designed and developed by Mejo Jose, a Dubai based Linux System Administrator. Mejo developed the application for his own use initially, to update his Facebook status while he was away from the computer during the weekends. As the word got out, his friends wanted to use the application and then their friends. A beta version was released on November 5th which was approved by Facebook instantly. The application got listed on the Facebook Applications Directory and within a few days of launching it to the public, SmsMyStatus was being used by more than 50 users from 10 different countries. More information is available on SmsMyStatus Homepage: and on Facebook application page . The developer can be reached at


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