Aswaaq conducts H1N1 awareness training program in collaboration with Dubai Health Authority


Dr. Saif Ahmed Darwish educates aswaaq’s employees about the flu’s facts and symptoms

In line with its vision to ensure that all employees are aware of the key health and safety standards, Aswaaq has recently conducted an H1N1 awareness training program in collaboration with Dubai Health Authority. The program sessions were held at aswaaq’s offices in the EBV tower and gathered over 40 employees from different departments. The sessions were held in two different timings and presented by Dr. Saif Ahmed Darwish, Community Medicine Practitioner, who educated the employees on all the needed facts about the flu, its origin, its spread, its symptoms and how to be protected and cured in case of infection.

Commenting on the training program, Ms. Hind Al Falasi, Relations Manager at aswaaq said:

“We are always eager to increase our focus on health and safety standards, especially in the times were we are witnessing the spread of infectious diseases that are affecting human lives around the globe. It is our role to transfer knowledge and information about H1N1 to our employees so that they can be aware and can contribute effectively in elevating the level of safety and health standards within aswaaq’s stores.”

“The sessions given by Dr. Darwish were highly appreciated by all the employees and aided in increasing their knowledge about H1N1 and how to be protected from it. We will be holding similar sessions at aswaaq stores in Mizhar, Nad Al Hamar and Umm Suqeim in the coming week and in the month of November and I would advice all companies that operate in the food industry to conduct such training and raise the awareness of their staff about a key concern such as the swine flu”, added Al Falasi.

Since its launch, aswaaq has focused on the health and safety issues both in food sections and in general staff health conditions. The extensive efforts have qualified aswaaq to receive HACCP certificates for two of its branches and to be awarded by Dubai Municipality as the best Dubai Municipality Customer Award.

About Aswaaq:
“aswaaq” is an LLC company owned by Dubai government. The “aswaaq” project is a new, innovative concept in the world of shopping and retail, based on small, medium and large-sized shopping centres strategically located at the heart of residential areas. These centres will have lively “aswaaq” supermarkets at their heart complemented by retail shops and will soon become available in all bustling and populated areas of the UAE, providing a wide range of products that meet the requirements of all shoppers regardless of their nationality or age.

Most recently, aswaaq has announced that its supermarkets in Nad Al Hamar Al Mizhar have been awarded the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification. The supermarkets were awarded HACCP for their approach to food safety, food handling, storage, processing and display of food items, and are now recognized as the first supermarkets in the GCC to receive the HACCP certification.

The “aswaaq” shopping experience is uniquely defined by the high-quality tailor-made assortments and fresh products offered at fair prices with friendly, consistent and efficient customer service. “aswaaq” is particularly proud of the values upon which it bases its practices, respecting its clientele’s freedom of choice, focusing on applying the best international practices, not to mention contributing to the pioneering task of institutions supporting medium-sized and small projects in the UAE. By becoming a major source of products, goods and services, “aswaaq” will play a vital role in local neighbourhoods; providing investment opportunities for UAE entrepreneurs, as well as creating job prospects. Moreover, it will also provide UAE nationals with the opportunity to become major importers and suppliers.
“aswaaq” will also give back to society by setting aside a certain percentage of the net profit for social and community services.



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