Generous Heart offers medical care to over 400 poor cardiac patients



The Generous Heart Initiative, a health partnership between the Red Crescent Society (RCA) and the Emirates World Heart Group (EWHG), has provided medicines and conducted surgeries to over 400 needy patients of various nationalities suffering from heart diseases since it was launched in July, a senior EWHG cardiologist has disclosed.

Dr. Adel Al Shamri, EWHG Chairman, said curative, surgical and preventive programmes would be maximized during the holy month of Ramadan.

”Our mobile cardiac centre will screen hundreds of heart patients inside and outside the country. We have received requests from Eritrea, Sudan, Yemen and Iraq. Two heart patients (a Sudanese and a Filipino) have undergone open-heart surgeries,”he added.

The group, he indicated, would conduct more surgeries locally and internationally as part of its strategic plan to control spread of heart diseases and disorders in synergy with prominent local and global hospitals.

Dr Saleh Al Taie, RCA Secretary General, said the focus of the Initiative for the time being would be on local programmes to ease suffering of poor cardiac patients. He indicated that many of heart patients could not afford to bear the high costs of the surgery which could reach up to AED 100,000.

”The Initiative was purposely launched to treat those underprivileged patients revive their hope in life,”he added.



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