First School Day



Summer is unofficially over: Children are heading back to school today. It’s always an exciting time as the next generation begins learning new things about life.

“The lessons of the classroom provide a life-long framework for living, setting values, establishing morals”, said Dubai-based Gulf News in its editorial Sunday.

It added that for children, today means seeing old friends and making new ones. For teachers, today marks the beginning of a new professional year. “The teaching vocation requires patience, tolerance and an endless supply of answers to questions from young, inquiring minds”.

The paper commented that “educators deserve our full support and respect: It’s not an easy task teaching children who are wired to television and computer games”.

It added that for parents, it’s a day ranging from trepidation and relief to frustration. But parents need to provide support, bolstering confidence as children settle into the routine of school. That becomes more important this year, given the new school year’s coincidence with Ramadan. For all, however, today means more traffic delays.


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