Logistics & Supply Chain Management degrees for practitioners at the University of Bolton



The logistics industry is one of the key service sectors critical to the development of UAE into the Global gateway of international Trade. The manufacturing & logistics sector, together, is an important infrastructure supporting UAE’s business activities. With globalization as the driving force, manufacturing companies are faced with increasingly complex and cross border supply chains that in turn needs complex managerial & people skills.

The University of Bolton & its RAK campus with its M. Sc in Supply Chain Management programme aims to provide employees of UAE based corporations the opportunity to earn a well respected degree which will enable them to acquire skill sets required for planning and controlling global networks. Raj Nambiar, Director of Admisisons at the University of Bolton, RAK campus adds that “This M. Sc. programme aims to address the needs of both the manufacturing and service sectors with an integrated and comprehensive programme in the Supply Chain & its Management”

The M.Sc in Supply Chain Management degree programme is tailored for practicing engineers, logisticians, marketing personnel and information technologists employed in the marketing operations, procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, transport and distribution sectors. The primary programme objective is to equip these professionals with the expertise for planning, implementing and managing total logistics activities and in managing the supply chain.  The M. Sc in Supply Chain Management will also be able to admit professionals with or without tertiary qualifications, provided they have sufficient, relevant experience on to the programme. ‘This M.Sc programme will enroll a maximum of 40 students through the intake” adds Raj.
The Master in Management (M. Sc.) specialization “Supply Chain Management” is designed to impart scientifically established knowledge, as well as practice-oriented analysis and solution competences. Students learn to develop, evaluate and implement strategies, concepts, and management approaches in logistics and supply management.

Strategic issues governing the broad based areas of supply chain management, supply management, and logistics are studied from a theoretical position and as they relate to trends, strategic approaches, structures and processes in practice. The programme aims to marry theory & strategy in order to enable students on the programme to learn about basic and advanced concepts used by organizations in industry, trade and service industries. The aim is to identify key competencies & success factors within these disciplines. The M. Sc course is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) to Chartered level. The course is also accredited by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS)

Close Cooperation with the Corporate Environment

All M. Sc Supply management lectures would be held on weekends in order to enable working professional enroll on the programme apart from hosting guest lectures by top notch industry professionals. Zubair Hanslot, Academic Director at the RAK campus adds that “we have already initialized a plan to develop key linkages with corporate organizations in the UAE as well as the rest of the Middle East to help our M. Sc students gain from guest lectures, receive professional assistance in tackling complex problems of today’s work places apart from helping students secure quality internships & placements”.

Scholarships on the basis or merit or need have also been launched.

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