Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Spa Honeymoon Could be Very Romantic and Memorable

As with weddings, we all have different concepts of the perfect honeymoon, and not only one, but often quite a few. But after the...

Top 10 of the Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings

When it comes to wedding planning, many people, and mostly women, usually look up to celebrities who have already gone down the aisle. But...

New Media Group launches Bride & Wedding Magazine

New Media Group's team is in the process of developing of a new online daily - Bride & Wedding Magazine. Unlike the other sites of the...

Luxury hotel brand’s bridal experts dish on best wedding trends

Here are a few trends Fairmont wedding experts predict will be big in 2012.

Top 10 favorite romantic comedies

Celebrated rom-coms to get you in the wedding spirit You can’t beat a good rom-com ladies, and even the guys can be subject to the...

Top 10 dream wedding venues

If you can’t afford it you can at least take inspiration from the luxury wedding venues. Here goes, the top 10 dream wedding venues