Obesity Raises Women’s Cancer Risk by 40%


Excess body weight has been linked with various diseases and hazardous health conditions, including cancer, by numerous research papers, but now a new study reveals alarming news. Obesity, defined as having a BMI of at least 30, increases cancer risk by around 40 percent in women. Research team at Cancer Research UK have been exploring […]

Obesity Linked to 10 Cancers


Today, 2.1 billion people or nearly a third of the global population is overweight or obese, but now a new study suggests this trend is more terrifying than we thought. Scientists found that obesity increases the risk of developing 10 of the most common cancers. The number of people who have higher body mass index […]

UAE Ranked 22nd Most Obese Nation in the World


Obesity rates around the world have more than doubled for only 20 years, according to the latest report by the World health Organization. The study found that as of 2014, more than half a billion adults are obese and the number of overweight men and women has jumped to two billion worldwide. Research additional information: […]