Hunger, Cancer, Ebola, AIDS… Obesity Tops Them All


Christmas Gift Guide 2014 Buy iPhone 6 at Apple Store The Ebola virus is dominating all global news right now, with some countries starting to consider imposing travel bans and closing their borders. And while Ebola is indeed a horrible threat, it can’t compare to worldwide-spread issues such as AIDS, cancers and hunger. And obesity, […]

One Third from Global Population Suffer from Obesity


Obesity is a growing health issue not only in a few developed countries like it was several decades ago, but it is posing a threat to the entire world. A new research that studied obesity rates in 188 countries for 33 years says that almost 30 percent of the global population, or 2.1 billion people, […]

Top 5 Weight Loss Supplements This Holiday Season

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Want to get rid of the few extra pounds and get fit for the upcoming seasonal parties? Diet and exercise routine is the best strategy, but to boost the effect, try out one of the most successful food supplements for losing weight. We have chosen the five most popular and most preferred dietary pills nowadays […]

Hunger Gene Found Responsible for Obesity

If you always feel like you have room for one more piece of dessert, then you are most probably a proud owner of the so-called “hunger gene” that affects averagely one in six people. Scientists found out that this particular FTO gene is making you feel hungry for sugary and fatty foods and is indeed […]

Diet Conversations Could Be Harmful for Children


Parents usually try to provide the best for their kids according to their understanding. This norm often includes teaching children how to eat and live healthily. But in the attempt to stress over the widespread problem of obesity, some parents often force children to follow strict diets and lose weight. According to scientists, this could […]

Obesity Officially Recognized as Disease

In the middle of global obesity epidemic, the American Medical Association voted on a new, official definition for it – now obesity is officially a disease. What was always seen as a lifestyle choice, will be now addressed and managed as a disease in the United States, a fact which will impact the healthcare policy, […]

New debates arose around green coffee bean

One of the most popular and best-selling weight loss products on the market, the green coffee bean has raised a lot of debates about its effectiveness. Although the extract and its active compound, the chlorogenic acid, are believed to prevent the body from storing the sugar as fats, there is no solid scientific evidence and […]

Best Weight Loss Supplements You Can Find in UAE

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You probably wonder how to eliminate extra pounds for good safely and quickly. The best way to lose weight and stay in a good shape is to combine balanced eating, regular exercise and a weight loss supplement that will speed up the whole process. Some of the most effective supplements today are the green coffee […]