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Forex Market and The World Economy

Forex is a dealing system also noted as FX or and foreign market exchange. Those participating in the foreign exchange businesses are some of...

Money supply in UAE decreased

The UAE's Central Bank announced that money supply M0 (currency in circulation + currency at banks) decreased by 2.1 percent. from AED 53.2 billion...

Asian Hedge Funds top Equity Markets again in 2011

Asian hedge funds outperformed volatile regional equity markets in 2011, marking the second consecutive year of such outperformance, according to data released today by HFR

Top tips for making most of your money abroad

Here we look at the top tips for making the most of your money when moving abroad: Savings, Taxes, Pensions, Medical insurance, Financial Planning

With $400 billion ‘in play’, hedge funds face challenges

The hedge funds industry faces challenges in 2012, but also a year of significant opportunity, according to a Barclays Capital report, The Money Trail,...

Save Money The Right Way

The key to reaching a saving objective and saving even more money is knowing precisely why you are doing that.

Stop Wasting Your Money

Time is irreversible! Many of us would love to return in a period or few, and capture some of the cash, we have unnecessary...

If you are into stocks, follow the big money

Higher energy prices, Japan supply chain disruptions and fear of continuous depreciation of the U.S. dollar were supposed to scare investors off tacking risks...

Trillion is The New Billion

One Trillion Dollars Visualized from www.mint.com It's official, trillion is the new billion! No longer is government spending around the world talked about in terms of...