Top Interior Design Trends to Watch for in 2014


If we have to sum up the 2013 interior decoration tendencies, we could easily say that this year the love for vintage was stronger than ever. Old pieces were a huge hit, while modern and contemporary design enjoyed less attention. It was the year, in which nature stepped into the interiors of our homes. Natural […]

Hottest Christmas Themes in Interior Design

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Seasonal interior design trends are often influenced by a particular holiday. The best example for that are always the winter tendencies in interior decoration. Usually, they are heavily influenced by Christmas. The colors are often related to the holiday, as well as the decorations and style used in the interior. Winter 2013-2014 makes no exception. […]

How to Use Patterns in Interior Decoration


If your home looks a bit bland and grey to you lately and you are searching for a way to bring back life and fresh energy into it, then you may try using prints and patterns in interior decoration. Patterns will add colour, shape and charm even to a storage room. Also, patterns are a […]

How to Use Textures in Interior Design


When it comes to textures in interior design, you have many options. Different textures will establish different moods in rooms. You can make a living space appear warmer, gentler and smoother, or you can roughen, energize or spice things up. Despite that, many people ignore or are unaware of texture’s key role in interior decoration. […]

Wood in Interior Design – What You Need to Know

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Wood plays an important role in interior design. Every type of wood material has specific characteristics that serve different purposes when it comes home décor. In addition, you can use wood to establish a particular mood or atmosphere in the room. However, in order to do that, you need to have some extra knowledge on […]

Colour Psychology and How to Use it in Interior Design

The study of colour psychology is rather new and it still remains unfamiliar even to some interior designers. However, there are more scientific proves that suggest the strong connection between a room’s colours and the feelings of the people who are in it. Moreover, colours are now known to affect not only our mental state, […]

Colour of 2013 in Your Home

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What is the Colour of 2013 and How to Incorporate it into Your Home Every year, home decorators and interior designers pick a colour of the year. This colour is then used heavily throughout the next 12 months. In 2012, the most popular colour in interior decoration and design was the tangerine tango. It brought […]

IKEA 2013 Catalogue is out with path-breaking digital support

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IKEA UAE will begin free delivery of its signature yearly publication, the IKEA 2013 Catalogue, to Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi residents this week, following interior design trends and the simultaneous 38-country global launch by the Swedish furniture retailer. Themed Bring New Life to Your Home, the pages of this year’s catalogue are filled with new […]

Interior Design Trends Fall 2012

Fall Home Decoration

 Like every year at about this time, we are reminded that the summer is soon to be replaced by the autumn. The weather changes, the vacation is long gone and stress is kicking back in. But that is not always bad news, because with every new season comes a new trend in interior design and […]

IKEA UAE launches new interactive website

IKEA UAE has launched a new interactive website which allowsIKEA customers to check products and prepare shopping lists ahead of their visit to the stores at Dubai Festival City and Yas Island. Customerswill now have the ability to find information about IKEA products, compare features and attributes and sort by price, name etc, on […]