Only Two Weight Loss Diets Actually Work


With so many weight loss systems, books, websites and the hundreds of diet and fitness gurus preaching “healthy lifestyle”, you would think shedding weight isn’t that hard. But a new comprehensive study shares quite surprising results – of all those celebrity diets, healthy and smart modern programs, only two weight loss diets actually work. Kind […]

Social Media Can Cause Unhealthy Fitness Obsession

Sheraton Fitness RTA bike ride finish - 3

The popularity of healthy lifestyle in recent years has lead to a boom of health and fitness blogs, Facebook pages and groups, and Pinterest boards that are constantly bombarding us with inspirational images and slogans. But there is a difference between healthy motivation and beautiful, but unhealthy ideals. And experts now warn that social media […]

Stop lying if you wish to feel healthier and happier

The damage that can be caused by lying may extend beyond burning pants. Anita Kelly, a psychologist at the University of Notre Dame who studies secrecy, self-disclosure, and self-presentation says in her research that telling lies—no matter if they are little “white lies” or major deceptions—may affect both our psychology and physiology. Research additional information: […]