Stop lying if you wish to feel healthier and happier

The damage that can be caused by lying may extend beyond burning pants. Anita Kelly, a psychologist at the University of Notre Dame who studies secrecy, self-disclosure, and self-presentation says in her research that telling lies—no matter if they are little “white lies” or major deceptions—may affect both our psychology and physiology.

The perfect daily healthy diet

healthy diet

What to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner Most of us know the main principles of a healthy diet – getting a good balance of the food groups, eating plenty of fruit and veg, keeping topped up on water. But sometimes getting the principles into practice is a bit of a chore – and coming […]

Top 10 worst female health habits

From carrying heavy handbags to wearing crippling heels, here are the top 10 female habits you should try to break and transform in to a health habits.

10 foods all men should eat

While there are some foods we should all be eating more of, men and women also have their own set of dietary requirements as well as their own unique health concerns.

Health awareness campaigns for Ramadan

Taking Your Medicine During Ramadan

Emirates Holidays’ Eid Al Fitr Offers SEHA, the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, has announced the launch of two awareness campaigns for the Holy month of Ramadan. The campaigns’ goals are to reach out to the general public about the importance of monitoring health and regulating medicine intake during the Holy month and to ensure […]