57th Grammy Nominations Break Records

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Christmas Gift Guide 2014 Buy iPhone 6 at Apple Store Just like every year around the beginning of December, The Recording Academy announced its Grammy nominations. The upcoming 57th Grammy Awards already broke a few records although they have just entered their nominations stage. Read more: Most-Watched YouTube Music Videos of 2014 Revealed

One-tenth of World’s Population Controls 87% Global Wealth

The global wealth inequality is still on the rise. This was one of the conclusions of Credit Suisse’s 2014 Global Wealth report. According to the research, between the period 2000-2007, a decline in wealth inequality was registered in about 74% of the countries in the world. In comparison, during the period 2007-2014, inequality levels increased […]

Royal Blood Dominates MidEast’s Wealthiest List

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Influential businessmen and owners of international corporations are among the richest people in the world. But who are the billionaires of the Middle East? According to a new study, the royal blood of MidEast’ families dominates the wealth list, with Prince Alwaleed remaining the region’s wealthiest individual.

Strong Momentum for Middle Eastern Wealth

The ultra high net worth population and wealth in the Middle East had the fastest growth in the world over the past year, according to a new report. Globally, there are 2,170 billionaires with a combined wealth of more than $6.5 trillion, while 157 Middle Eastern billionaires share total net wealth of $354 billion. According […]

The World wil welcome its 1st Trillionaire

The world’s richest person today is Bill Gates, according to public information. His net worth is estimated at $77.3 billion. Gates is just one of the nearly 1,600 billionaires that live nowadays. The number of millionaires is much more impressive. However, the world still has not witnessed its first trillionaire. Experts are confident that in […]