Student Accommodation in Dubai

Being a university or a college student in Dubai has its advantages, such as beaches, sun, interesting culture, along to access to a numerous universities, specialized student facilities, training and e-learning centers, in addition to a chance for tax-free earnings after you graduate. That is why Dubai is striving to establish a reputation of a […]

How to Afford Dubai Cost of Living?

Dubai has become a synonym of luxury lifestyle, but it’s not all shiny and bright looking at the soaring rents and school fees, constantly rising consumer prices versus minimal or no pay rises at all. The city isn’t exactly famous for its budget living and yet, more and more expats are coming, further contributing to […]

Dubai Found World’s 5th Favourite Travel Spot

Why Dubai

Every year, different rankings are trying to reveal which city or country is the most visited in the world and every time the winners are almost the same – Paris, London, New York. Every city is attractive and unique in its own way, but this year, international travelers show that the traditional European dominance can’t […]

Dubai to host The 9th World Health Tourism Congress

An interior render of Emaar Healthcare's Downtown Burj Dubai Medical Centre

Dubai will host The 9th World Health Tourism Congress from October 18 to 20, offering a global platform to healthcare and health insurance providers, tourism promotion bodies, medical and health care regulators and tour operators to discuss a wide range of issues and trends about the health tourism industry.

Ramadan Tidbits

Ramadan Tent

The Holy Month of Ramadan is marked not only in the Middle East, but all over the world. It is an event of a massive scale. You may think you know this, but you are wrong and we have some figures to prove it.

Dubai Property Sales Slow Down

Dubai Property Auction

Dubai’s property market demonstrated positive performance for the second quarter of 2014, although sales slowed and buyers were interested more in lower priced areas, compared to the previously popular and expensive locations. However, according to a new report, rents rose by an average 4% for apartments and 5% for villas from the first half of […]

This Weekend Events in Dubai

This weekend in Dubai will be unusually quiet and uneventful. But this is understandable. After all, we are about to enter into the second week of the Holy Month of Ramadan and life is moving at a much slower pace than the usual. Despite that, this weekend will offer some diverse activities for people in […]

IMF: Dubai Made a Significant Progress


By the end of June, the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded the Article IV consultation with the United Arab Emirates. The country has continued to benefit from its perceived safe-haven status amid regional instability. The economic recovery has been solid, supported by the tourism and hospitality sectors, and a rebounding real […]