Winter Men’s Fashion: The Suit Is Back


Fashion may changes with decades and generations, but the suit has always been a necessary part of the men’s attire. It has lost some of its appeal in recent years, but this winter, it’s definitely back to prove it’s the most enduring fashion piece ever created. Read more: Winter Men’s Fashion: The Suit Is Back […]

The Latest Fashion Craze: Metalic Michael Kors Handbags


We all love designer labels, but they always come at impossible prices, unless you are amongst the lucky ones to catch a really worth spending sale. (Read more: Michael Kors Handbags Black Friday Sales) So, this winter more affordable designer handbags are in demand – the ones that are still unique without costing over a thousand. […]

Top 5 Warm & Trendy Lady’s UGG Boots


Whether you are a fashion addict or just look for warm and cozy boots for the winter, chances are you’ll come across some of the hottest UGG models for this season. To help you pick some really trendy and warm shoes, we’ve selected the top five best-selling Lady’s UGG boots right now. Read more: Most […]

New Movie Inspired Little Girls’ Jewelry

If you are looking for a birthday or Christmas present for your little girl, you’ll score points by getting her some of the hottest little girls’ jewelry pieces. This season the Frozen theme is dominating the kids’ fashion trends, but there are other new movie-inspired girls’ jewelry pieces, too. And you can buy them easily […]

Are UGG Boots for Men Popular?


Should men wear UGG boots? The classic UGGs are extremely popular among ladies and the kids models are becoming favourites of many moms. But are they masculine enough? How men react to the current gender-neutral fashion trend? Although many guys won’t admit it, UGG boots for men are becoming a more common and popular. Read […]

Top Fashion Brands in 2014


Under the influence of the 2014’s biggest sports event, the World Cup in Brazil, fashion trends this year witnessed a sporty makeover. Even luxury fashion brands gave in to T-shirts with slogans, sweatshirts and sweatpants. This tendency also pushed traditionally sports fashion brands on the list of the top fashion brands. Read more: Made in […]

Best-Selling UGG Boots for Kids


Retailers ofer many choices when it comes to kids’ footwear, but every parent would agree that UGG boots for kids offer everything a pair of shoes should be – comfortable, warm, long-lasting, and cool. The trendy brand offers a rich variety of boots for the little ones, but we’ve picked the five best-selling models to […]