When is Black Friday in 2017?


The highly anticipated Black Friday sale usually happens on the day after Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It falls on Friday before the Cyber Monday sale. In 2016, this was the a busiest day for online shoppers.

Many people even take a day off work to shop for their Christmas presents on Black Friday. All brick-and-mortar and online stores run special offers and lower their prices on popular products, such as toys and electronics.

Black Friday in 2017 will fall on 24th of November. This year’s mega sale will kick off early on the day before.

It is not uncommon for retailers to introduce their Black Friday deals before the actual day. This is namely what happened last year and the every other year before. Amazon, for instance, kicked off its Countdown to Black Friday sales event nearly a month in advance. Other retailers followed a similar strategy and opened the shopping season in the second or third week of November.

This year, the pre-Black Friday deals are expected to start popping out even earlier. Our guess is that some stores will begin to offer exclusive deals and discounts as soon as the last week of October. You can expect offers to kick off a month before the actual day of the sale.

Black Friday is not likely to lose its luster any time soon. However, it will soon start to resemble Cyber Monday. The popularity of online shopping continues to increase and people are increasingly buying stuff online with confidence. Therefore, instead of lining up in front of a store, you could simply load up with computer devices and hunt for the best Black Friday deals on the internet.

Here are our some of favorite websites:

Bloomingdales.com | Macys.com | Shopbop.com | Nordstrom.com | NeimanMarcus.com | Sephora.com | JCPenney.com | Target.com | BergdorfGoodman.comLauraAshley.com | Debenhams.com | Harrods.com 

Mobile shoppers were the most active ones during the past Black Fridays. That is why retailers are expected to surprise them in new ways this year. One of them is mobile apps specially dedicated to the Black Friday sale. Email marketing will most probably take a backseat and give way to mobile platforms that will send out notifications for hot deals to consumers as soon as they become available.

Apparel and gadgets are always the hottest Black Friday buys. That is especially the case among online shoppers. But will electronics continue to be popular during the Black Friday in 2017? Most consumers already have smartphones and tablets, and may not want to invest in a new one this year. Therefore, there may be a slight decrease in the search for gadgets. Still, you can be certain that retailers will handle the minor situation by lining up even more attractive Black Friday deals on personal electronics. 

Clothing and fashionable accessories will always be in demand. No matter whether we are talking about children’s, men’s, women’s or off-season apparel, consumers never get tired of it. Department stores will likely be the winners this year as they offer larger variety and combined all-family purchases are cheaper to deliver.

Black Friday in 2017 is likely to be bigger and better than ever before for two main reasons – it will have an early start and consumers will be able to shop from anywhere thanks to their more and more advanced mobile devices.